Determination of ractopamine in feed by HPLC

Abstract The ractopamine in the sample was extracted with alkaline methanol, purified by an SLA solid phase extraction column, concentrated to a constant volume with a 2% acetic acid solution, separated and measured by high performance liquid chromatography-fluorescence detection after passing thr-----!

PE fund "turns around" as VC advantage capita…

In the context of intense competition in the industry, which has resulted in shrinking profits, some private equity investment institutions (PEs) that are keen on market observations have begun a quiet transformation. On February 6, from the domestic top ten private equity investment company Advan-----!

Detailed introduction of UV inks by application

UV ink can be divided into two categories from the use, namely: UV printing ink and UV printed circuit board ink. At present, UV printing inks used in the printing industry are used in various printing fields such as offset printing, relief printing (including flexographic printing), gravure print-----!

The third-party payment company "Qian" Jing a…

No matter where you go, you do n’t have to bring cash when you buy things. The huge “money” scene of mobile phone payment is attracting more and more participants. The third-party payment companies are after you fight for it. On November 11th, during the online shopping spree o-----!