Application Analysis of Corrugated Board Products (3)

In short, the topless cardboard pallet is now the most widely accepted and used packaging in the fruit and vegetable industry in Europe and abroad. After the fruits and vegetables are packaged in the grower's packaging workshop, they can be delivered to the supermarket and moved to the shelves-----!

PARA SRL's new vertical cardboard storage system

Italian PARA recently developed a vertical cardboard storage system. This is undoubtedly a great news for corrugated cartons and cardboard manufacturers. This system is designed for the manufacture of corrugated boxes and cardboards with a small space in the factory. The first equipment was instal-----!

Elastic pressure plate fixed cap

Patent Name Elastic Pressure Plate Fixed Bottle Cap Patent Applicant Liu Ziliang Principal Applicant Address 064100 Inventor Liu Nanliang, Linnan Cangzhen, Yutian County, Hebei Province Application (patent) No. 200420016457.3 Date of Application 2004.07.27 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 27-----!

Postpress Technology 1000 Questions (167-172)

167. What are the characteristics of plastics for plastic drops? Crystal glue is a special liquid transparent resin with high surface tension. 168. What are the types of plastic glue used in plastic dispensing? Sub-soft elastic crystal glue and hard crystal glue, from the drying method is divid-----!

Ink development shows a new direction (on)

Hybrid Ink is a new type of ink formulated by mixing ordinary ink components with UV curing materials. It combines general ink and UV curing technology. One or more UV curing lamps are installed on the printing machine to make the ink energy. Printing on a traditional sheet-fed press allows UV Var-----!

Eidos Introduces Printness System

Eidos' Printness system is a "print-and-paste" real-time encoding system that automatically pastes self-adhesive labels. Printness system has the characteristics of small size, low cost, high reliability and easy operation. The Printness system is called by the industry "tagged -----!