Collect summer aromas to retain beauty

Perfume is a magical incarnation. It can quietly let you smell your own taste, and cherish more love yourself. Here is the most representative summer aroma for everyone, even if the footsteps of autumn are still close, you can still use the aroma to close the beauty of a summer, long mind. 】-----!

Korean actress Yan Xiaolin is pure and sexy.

Recently, Korean female artist Yan Xiaolin has captured a group of sexy photos for a fashion magazine in South Korea, which has attracted people's attention. Since Xiao Xiaolin’s debut, she has been pursuing a pure line. Although she was the first to try sexy style, Xiao Xiaolin did not -----!

"Double ice" makeup big PK

Fan Bingbing and Li Bingbing, the most popular stars in the Mainland, will always be compared for comparison. Both of them are unbeatable but not artificial. Who is more beautiful? Let's take a look at Fan Bingbing and Li Bingbing's makeup PK. Who is the ultimate winner? "Double Ice&q-----!

Dream Bazaar Qianjin Materia Medica

In summer, the skin is the most, and it is prone to dryness, roughness, dullness, freckles, etc. It will have many adverse effects on work and life, and it will breed the distress of MM. What should we pay attention to in the choice of cosmetics? How can I present my perfect skin condition? Listen -----!

Get rid of greasy water and beauty

Some mm is a natural sebum secretion, especially in the hot summer, the face is full of oil, while the pressure will also cause hormonal imbalance, making the face full of acne, really very troublesome. To eliminate acne, you need to carry out targeted maintenance, in order to get twice the result -----!