How to improve the brightness of the offset ink layer

The thickness of the ink layer of the offset printing process is also thinner than that of the embossing. The brightness of the imprinted ink layer and the peace and other printing methods may be significantly different. In particular, packaging and decorating printed matter mainly consisting of √-----!

Prepress for plastic film

First, the printability of printing materials on the amount of ink transfer The printing effect is achieved by the reasonable adhesion of the ink on the substrate, so the physical and chemical state of the surface of the substrate directly affects the amount of ink transferred thereon. Second, i-----!

Printers focus on paper properties

There are three main paper properties that are of most concern to the paper properties printer: The first is printability. In short, it is the performance of paper, ink, printing press pressure and printing plate to obtain the best quality print under certain suitable conditions. This comprehensi-----!

Corrugated board process control

The quality problem of corrugated cardboard has always been a common problem for carton manufacturers. Whether it is domestic, foreign, or wide-size corrugated cardboard production lines, cardboard problems will occur to varying degrees, but they all have common features. To solve these problems, -----!