Office supplies procurement method sharing

The purchase of office supplies is a cumbersome thing for many people. With so many brands, so many types of goods, walking into the store alone, dizziness is the most normal thing, as a company's purchase. Personnel, how can we make quick and cost-saving purchases of office supplies that the-----!

Five common problems of cryostat

Shanghai Bilang analyzes five common problems of cryostat. 1. Is there any special requirements for the temperature and heating voltage of the water in the thermostat? Why? answer: The temperature of the water in the tank should not be too large from the room temperature to reduce the rate of h-----!

Do you have fun with fitness ball?

At the corner of the gym, some colorful balls rolled around on the ground. On TV, South Korea's hot mom, Zheng Duanyan, held a big ball to teach people to dance to a fitness ball. The rehabilitation doctor in the hospital used a big ball to help the patient. Rehabilitation ···· Do -----!

Sofa fabric knowledge

The sofa is the soul of the living room , and it is also the comfort tool that we use most when we receive friends and family reunion. However, some friends only pay attention to the quality when purchasing the sofa, ignoring the choice of sofa fabric. In fact, when choosing the sofa, the choice of-----!