Process packaging, green

The Chinese nation is one of the world’s greatest, oldest, and longest cultural and historical peoples and has made countless outstanding contributions to the development of science and culture in human society. In the four major inventions of ancient China, "papermaking" and &quo-----!

How to deal with problems in UV offset

To make UV offset printing work better, the main issues that need to be addressed are the following: 1, design and plate making The design draft for producing UV printing must determine the output format according to the work order, such as the film surface swept forward or reverse sweep, the nu-----!

Wide prospects for textile printing

In recent years, textile printing has been brilliant, and there has been a considerable breakthrough in both variety type and design patterns, and there are more and more printing methods and machines available for selection. In foreign countries, textile printing can be said to be even better tha-----!

Screen printing inks for plastics and paper packaging

Screen printing is a more traditional printing process. Although the proportion of screen printing in the entire printing market is very small, but since the 1980s, its development speed has been in front of printing methods such as flat, convex and concave. The annual growth rate of advanced coun-----!