Computer desk selection

Computer is a kind of special electrical appliance. It is different from TV and audio. It is always used when people use it. Therefore, there are specific requirements for the height of the computer and the position of the keyboard and mouse. Meet the criteria. As the saying g-----!

Marble TV cabinet is good

Not recommended for use. The TV cabinet is still woody. Marble is radioactive and more harmful than wood. Marble is generally used in tooling. The price of marble is not high. Whether it is decorative lines or ease of use, it is not comparable to wood. Our M-----!

"Iron" art tenderness recommend 8 palace styl…

Bell Decoration Recommendation 1: Ultra Silent Iron Clock Reference price: 92.00 yuan / piece Editor's comment: The surface of the clock shell is old-fashioned and shows a nostalgic bronze color. The clock base is made of iron of the same color and coiled into a beautiful pattern. The-----!