Cans develop towards steel and paper materials

Steel cans have obvious advantages Steel cans are emerging domestic can products. Compared with the traditional three-piece cans, the two-piece steel cans have obvious advantages. The “two-piece” manufacturing technology is more advanced, the production speed is faster, the output is -----!

Introduction to wood dyeing technology

Wood dyeing is a chemical or physical chemical combination of dyes and wood, which makes the wood have a certain color and strong processing. It is an important means to improve the surface quality of wood, improve the visual characteristics of wood and increase the added value-----!

Improve instrument quality for screen printing

Tonometer For screen printers , a tensiometer is an instrument that measures and monitors the screen level during the stretching or re-use. The unit of measurement is Newtons per centimeter, which is simplified to N/CM. Note: 1 Newton is the force measured by accelerating the 1 kilogram of mater-----!

New Edition--Taiwan City Map of Taiwan

Welcome to the new 2010 map system: http:// Faster, more maps Eva Foam Sheet EVA sheet foam are widely used to produce top Eva products, can be skived,laminated, including Eva insole, toys, Eva sports, promotion gifts, Eva mats and Eva sandals. -----!

Need to regulate the Chinese glass bottle market

China's glass bottle packaging market has already introduced printed glass beer bottles and printed glass beverage bottles, and printed white wine bottles and printed wine bottles have also become a trend. This new product with exquisite designs and trademarks printed on the surface of glass bot-----!