High-grade decal paper screen printing (on)

Abstract The application of fine screen printing technology can meet the need of high-grade ceramic flower paper production. The necessity and feasibility of the development and application of fine-hanging screen printing technology are discussed. The setting o

Wuxi launches new tea packaging technology

Due to the timeliness and seasonality of green tea production, it is difficult to ensure that it is fresh all year round. Wuxi Jiangnan University Science and Technology Park has introduced the “Changsheng Buddha” fresh green tea produced using new

U.S. P&G Develops New PHA

U.S. P&G Corporation began PHA research and development as early as 1980. In recent years, PHA has been successfully developed as a new type of biodegradable plastic. It is composed of two different comonomer: 3-hydroxybutyrate and The long-chain branched (3-

Tent purchase principle read the full text >>

When you are ready to spend the night in the wild, you may use tents, sleeping bags, waterproofing, snow caves or refuge huts, and tents are the most common way because they are easy to erect, rainproof, re-use, privacy, and can be set up at any time Location, and wind and sun protection,

Hardcover book processing minutes

Hardcover book processing has always been a binding technology that people in the industry are concerned about. In order to experience this unique technology, this reporter interviewed Nanjing Aide and Beijing Aide Company, which are quite experienced in the pr

Digital Image Processing Technology

In today's multi-color printing, efficient development, people have higher requirements on the quality of printing products and printing efficiency, and one of the effective ways to improve the quality of printing products and printing efficiency is the det