"Mountain climbing" is a social disease

Newspaper Beijing, July 7th

When we mention commercial mountaineering, the most impressive one is probably the famous Dengfeng Everest operation that was broadcast by CCTV last year. With Mount Everest, Haba Snow Mountain, and South American South Pole, several mountaineering shows have be

Five kinds of popular printing methods

Because the five kinds of printing methods are different, they must be matched with the appropriate printing methods according to the needs of the printed matter, so that the printed products can receive the expected results.

First, trap printing

Pressure cracking

The slitting and indentation machine on the tile line cuts or splits the cardboard at the press line, or the pressure is too small when the line is pressed to cause the press line to be unclear or inaccurate when the cardboard is folded.

the reason

Flexo Ink Troubleshooting (1)

First, the ink adhesion is poor (fastness of the poor)

(I) Performance phenomenon

Adhesion of ink and printed material is poor; ink adhesion fails.

(B) Analysis of the reasons

1. Inappropriate ink formulations ha