Drug Market Packaging Design (I)

At present, the state is implementing strict management and control of the pharmaceutical market and pharmaceutical production enterprises through the adjustment of industrial policies and regulations. For pharmaceutical companies, it is necessary to improve pr

New blown film with PP resin

At the 2003 Chicago Fair (NPE 2003), Borealis (Nordic Chemicals) Group and Germany Kiefel Extruder Co., Ltd. announced the newly developed PP (polypropylene) grade Borclear RB707CF, which breaks through the traditional extrusion blown film. Can not use the limitat

Is bouldering dangerous?

“Bouldering” is a new type of extreme sports. The English name is Bouldering. It is unfamiliar for people who are unfamiliar with rock climbing, but it is a fascinating thing for those who are keen on rock climbing.
Bouldering's original meaning was boulders, which meant t

Packaging Industry's "e"ization (below)

First, to increase policy support and improve legal and security systems Since 2000, China’s e-commerce laws and security environment have been greatly improved, with the publication of the “China E-commerce Framework” compiled by the National I

Packaging box component design (below)

3 The editing component of a component is a box-shaped or box-shaped component at a certain structural level. It is a relative-independent whole consisting of some objects at the lower-level. These objects may be line segments, arcs, component objects, and so on.