Cigarette new sanitary packaging

Patent Name Cigarette New Hygienic Packaging Patent Applicant Zhang Wei Primary Applicant Address 100078 Fangzefang Fangyuan 1 District, Fengtai District, Beijing 27-1404 Inventor Zhang Yu Application (Patent) No. 200410004301.8 Date of Application 2004.02.13 Cert

Rotational plastic gravure in the dirty version

In plastic printing, high-speed gravure gravure printing often causes dirty-printing problems. The phenomenon is that the non-printing surface of the cylinder is also stained with a layer of resin (entrained pigment in the resin) and is transferred to the substrat

Preset straw cans

Patent Name Pre-pip Suction Can Patent Applicant Xu Yanjun Principal Applicant Address 611244 Inventor Liu Yongjin, Group 2 in Wenguan Village, Jiangyuan Town, Chongzhou City, Sichuan Province Application (Patent) No. 200420060806.1 Date of Application 2004.08.19

Packaging can

Patent Name A kind of packaging canister Patent applicant Zhou Bin Principal Applicant Address 518055 105th Building, Qianhai Garden, No. 30, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Inventor Zhou Bin Application (Patent) No. 200420093757.1 Date of Applicati

Folding method of imposition process (I)

First, folding method and application

Folding refers to the process of folding a printed book and a single-page print into a certain format format in the order of the page number. When you start designing a publication process, you mus