Plastic starch biodegradable material

A series of disposable starchy biodegradable material (PSM) products, starch combs, toothbrushes, etc. developed and manufactured by Wuhan Hualien Technology Company were deeply loved by merchants at the Beijing International Exhibition of Green Materials and G

Storage bottle stopper

The utility model belongs to the field of packaging or storage, and particularly relates to a storage bottle stopper which comprises a plug body and a sealing film. The plug body is a hollow cylinder whose upper end is closed at the lower end and has a flange at i

Can sealing machine

The FY-1000 can sealing machine produced by Dahao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Langfang, Hebei Province, adopts PLC control technology, frequency control, reliable performance, suitable for heights of 45 mm ~ 200 mm, diameters of 49.5 mm ~ 62.4 mm Cans sealed

Color printing quality inspection method

Title of the Invention: Color Printing Quality Inspection Method Patent Application Number

Abstract: A color print quality inspection method is characterized in that color printed images are sampled after being partitioned by color, and the chroma error

Wear long legs

Envy Mok Wen-wei's slender legs? Want to attract people's attention as much as Nicole Kidman? Although the natural body is difficult to change, we can use our ingenious costumes to avoid weaknesses.