Cross-assembled glass crates

【Patent Name】 Cross Packaging Glass Box [Applicant] Lin Tongxing [Inventor] Lin Tongxing [Main Applicant Address] No. 187, South Window, Southeast Village, Yinxi Town, Fuqing City, Fujian Province [Application Number] 200420109395.0
【 Appli

Adhesive market analysis

Adhesion is the application of a substance with a bonding effect on the surface of two identical or different substances, so that they are firmly bonded together. We call the bonding agent a medium substance called adhesive. With the rapid development of the pa

Nyloflexb special purpose plates

   nyloflexbFE: Plates are very resistant to ink and corrosive and are specially designed for white ink base printing. It has very strong resistance to esters, ketones and alcohols. It can print alcohol-soluble white primer inks. It h

Cascades Launches New Cardboard

Cascades SA's new product Duprint XL (Folding Boxboard - GC2) has been put on the market. The cardboard was developed on the basis of Duprint Autopack cardboard and was produced at the Cascades Djupafors factory in Sweden.
Duprint XL has a quantificati

Drug supply device

A medicine supply device for supplying medicine discharged from a medicine cassette containing a medicine, having a mouth (24) for discharging medicine discharged from the pill case, and being freely rotatably provided in the mouth (24). A shutter (37) for open