Plane output (printing) notes (below)

6. Lithography principle Printing is divided into several types of printing methods, lithography, letterpress printing, gravure printing, etc. China's books and newspapers and packaging printing currently use letterpress printing, and foreign letterpress print

Digital Proofing Color Management (Part 2)

Ten, Photoshop's color management settings

How to accurately simulate the final color of the screen, in the Photoshop color settings will have a color gamut in use, that is, the work of the color space, the other side there will be a CMYK is the pri

PETG material

Representative company: Eastman Chemical Company

The company has launched a new type of environmentally friendly plastic packaging beer bottle for Asahi Co., Ltd. The bottle neck of the bottle is covered with a black hole tape loop cover, which blocks l

Drenthe-Gebel VSOP web offset press

Drandt-Gebbel's Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) is a new technology that enables the offset rotary press to print a variety of different repeat lengths. The operator can change the sleeve of different diameters as he likes without having to replace t