Ointment packaging tube

Patent name ointment packaging drum Patent applicant Tan Weihan; Xu Xiaoming Principal applicant address 529000 Xiangshan Xincun, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province Inventor Tan Weihan; Xu Xiaoming Application (Patent) No. 200420083481.9 Date of application 2004.08

Biodegradable multilayer film

The present invention relates to a biodegradable multilayer film with adjustable barrier effects on oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor for use in the packaging field, in particular for food packaging and in agriculture, and a Its preparation method.

Fermentation (strain) cans

The formulated and fermented (strain) cans produced by Shanghai Ruipai Machinery Co., Ltd. are manufactured using sanitary standards. The tank is provided with a Milo plate or a labyrinth jacket, which can be heated and cooled by heating or cooling the medium.

Automatic plastic bottle blowing machine

The SQ-1 fully automatic plastic bottle blowing machine produced by Sanqing Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. of Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, solves the problems of low production efficiency and unstable product quality, and is suitable for producing thicker produc

Book Design Principles (2)

Abstract and figurative

Design is an integrated art. Book design can be used as a component of the design of all other types of artistic graphics. From the perspective of art, book design can be divided into two categories: figurative a

Random and traditional outlets

Random outlets are also known as FM outlets. For example, diamond outlets of Linotype Hell and crystal outlets of Agfa are FM outlets. Has the following advantages: The same dot size, but the uneven distribution, much smaller than the traditional dot. No dot line,

Andy Launches RF Tag Solution

The MA Andy LP3000 flexo printing press is used in the connection between the production of RFID (in line printing sticker) and STRAP (inline printing of sticker and RFID antenna, and the RFID chip is installed on the antenna, The production of RFID tags and the p