Positioning flip oval hose


The positioning flap elliptical hose includes a cap and a tube body. A seal ring is protruded in the middle of the inside of the tube cover, a snap ring is arranged on the periphery of the seal ring, and there are two positioning recesses on t

Ointment packaging tube

Patent name ointment packaging drum Patent applicant Tan Weihan; Xu Xiaoming Principal applicant address 529000 Xiangshan Xincun, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province Inventor Tan Weihan; Xu Xiaoming Application (Patent) No. 200420083481.9 Date of application 2004.08

Biodegradable multilayer film

The present invention relates to a biodegradable multilayer film with adjustable barrier effects on oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor for use in the packaging field, in particular for food packaging and in agriculture, and a Its preparation method.

Fermentation (strain) cans

The formulated and fermented (strain) cans produced by Shanghai Ruipai Machinery Co., Ltd. are manufactured using sanitary standards. The tank is provided with a Milo plate or a labyrinth jacket, which can be heated and cooled by heating or cooling the medium.