Film output and quality design

First, design and production

As a design maker, they all hope that their own electronic files can be completely and smoothly output at the output center and get satisfactory films. However, when the output center is outputting, this or that problem ofte

The Trend of FM Screening (I)

I. Preface

Recently, with the popularity of CTP, FM Plus has been taken seriously. FM screening is a screening technology developed by Gerhard Fischer et al. in 1984 in Germany. Diamond Screening was introduced by Linotype Hell in 1993,

Process packaging, green

The Chinese nation is one of the world’s greatest, oldest, and longest cultural and historical peoples and has made countless outstanding contributions to the development of science and culture in human society. In the four major inventions of ancient Ch

How to deal with problems in UV offset

To make UV offset printing work better, the main issues that need to be addressed are the following:

1, design and plate making

The design draft for producing UV printing must determine the output format according to the work order, such as th

Wide prospects for textile printing

In recent years, textile printing has been brilliant, and there has been a considerable breakthrough in both variety type and design patterns, and there are more and more printing methods and machines available for selection. In foreign countries, textile print

Offset ink balance control method

How to control ink balance

The theory of ink balance is not difficult to understand for general offset press operators, but it is not easy to follow the ink-water balance theory in practice. This is because the operator does not have enough time to

Fragrance inks increase brand appeal

Rub`nSmell fragrance ink is a new type of ink produced by Flink Ink, Michigan, USA. Users who use this ink can greatly increase the brand appeal of their products. This ink has a unique fragrance, so packaging products printed using this ink have higher appeal