How to make milk silky and light makeup

The hot summer makes MM people have a headache. The summer is the easiest to use for makeup, and it can make a strong makeup concealer. It often feels like a mask is so breathless. Learn to make light makeup at this time. Important, today Xiaobian teaches y

Home cosplay to fight cold air disease

The hot summer of 38 °C makes many office white-collar workers not want to go anywhere in the office or at home. However, it is always easy to suffer from "sick office syndrome", which is air-conditioning disease. The air conditioner is not blowing and it is very hot. In fact,

Hydra care, color, lip essence, honey

With the arrival of summer, women began to pay more attention to the lips, saying goodbye to dryness, lip lines and dull lips, and gently touch the details to achieve beauty. This time, Pijia has launched two series of shining new products

Teach you to build Barbie

MM who knows makeup knows that eyelashes can add to the charm of the eyes. Oriental eyelashes are generally soft and short, and not so curly. Imagine the long eyelashes that look like Barbie dolls. It seems that in addition to mascara and f

A bottle shaped like a baseball

GBT Everage, based in San Juan Capistrano, California, has recently developed an innovative beverage. The beverage's main customer base is students, and this beverage is healthier than other high-sugar products on the market. Sportastic drinks are low in s