Hot Filling Bottles Market Overview

Hot filling is still the most important production and filling process for tea and juice beverages.

Hot filling PET bottles, metal three-piece cans, and Tetra Pak are three major packaging forms for tea and juice beverages.

Some tea and fruit jui

Make a makeup look before makeup

One of the biggest troubles of makeup in the autumn and winter seasons is the makeup and the small lines and pores on the face. This issue of Xiaobian will introduce you to some easy-to-use makeup primers, which will make you easy to create a perfect makeup

Moisturizing cleansing products are not tight

Cleaning is the first step in caring for the skin. In the autumn, the sand is big and the cleansing is the most important thing. Today, we recommend 5 popular moisturizing cleansing products that both thoroughly cleanse the skin and keep the skin from tightening during this dry autumn.

Za2011 autumn new product launch

[China Washing Cosmetics Network Report] On August 9, 2011, the Za New Product Launch Conference was held at the prestigious WHotel in Taipei. The event scene is based on the dazzling, mysterious black, and the bright pink of Za's new p