PHOTOSHOP CS rests plug-in assistants

Yesterday we just published an article introducing the use of PHOTOSHOP plug-in assistant, and today we introduce the new features of the latest version of PHOTOSHOP CS. I do n’t know if readers will experience the functions that can be easily achieved without plug-in We start now:

How to master the "water and ink balance"

How to master the "water-ink balance" is a difficult point in the offset printing process.

If the moisture is too small, the blank part will become dirty, and the water volume is too large, it will affect the printing quality.

The hazards of large water are as fol

UV coating on common ink

More than two decades ago, Manroland was the first printing machine manufacturer to introduce online glazing to the industry and was welcomed by packaging and general commercial printers. Since then, without additional processes, you can use glazing to enhance various effects of packaging

How do mahogany furniture open the market "fun" fog?

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