Nursing internship model (female)

New Multifunctional Nursing Practice Model (Female)

Wash your face, shampoo and wipe the bed;
â–  Oral care;
â–  Tracheotomy care;
â–  Oxygen inhalation therapy;
â–  Nasal feeding method;
â–  Ga

Ultrasonic power supply

Ultrasonic power supply features:

1. The simple and beautiful appearance design, the intelligent controller integrating time and heating make the operation extremely simple.

2. The circuit is easy to match piezoelectric ceramic transducers with various frequencies and diffe

Locate candidate clones

At present, the focus of human genome research is shifting from "structure" to "function", a so-called "post-genomics" (functional genomics) era with genomic function research as the main content is about to arrival. How to obtain the functional information of