The importance of the salt spray test chamber

The salt spray test box is used to evaluate the salt spray corrosion resistance of the product or material. The scientificity and rationality of the test results are very important. There are many reasons that affect the stability and consistency of the salt spray test results. Therefore, t

Common techniques of molecular cloning

1. Purification of nucleic acids

In all operations of molecular cloning, the most basic operation is the purification of nucleic acids. The key step is to remove protein, usually only phenol / chloroform. Chloroform can be used to extract the nucleic acid solution. This extraction

Screen printing fountain pen decoration process

With the development of the pen industry and the needs of the fountain pen market and export services, the fountain pen is required to have internal qualities such as fluency in writing, and to be in line with the fountain pens of the world's brand Duke, Picasso, etc. for decoration in

RP-HPLC determination of hyperoside in Burnet

【Abstract】 Objective To establish an HPLC method for the determination of hyperoside in Sanguisorba officinalis. Method RP-HPLC was used for determination, C18 column, mobile phase was methanol-0.2% phosphoric acid solution (46:54), pH was adjusted to 3.0 with triethylamine, f

What is ICC color management

Many design, publishing, and printing companies are using color management systems today. Although you may not know what color management is, you may be using it yourself. People can enjoy consistent and consistent colors from beginning to end in the w