A3 paper size introduction

A4 paper is the familiar paper size. Generally, the workbooks, office papers, and fax papers on the market belong to the A4 model. How do you calculate the size of the A3 paper and even the paper sizes of A2, A1, and A0?

A3 paper refers to the A3 standard paper, which is the intern

Rat Calcitonin ELISA Kit

Rat Calcitonin ELISA Kit

(Used in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant and biological fluid)


This experiment uses the double antibody sandwich ABC-ELISA method. Coated with anti-rat Calcitonin monoclonal antibody on the enzyme-labeled plate, Calc

Reasons for the clumping of ink stack and ink

Ink stacks are directly related to ink agglomeration, which can cause gelation of ink and vitrification of printed ink films. Properly increasing the pH value or choosing cheap inorganic salts can restore the ink to its original printability, which can not only improve the fluidity and was