Selection of printing ink for art paper

Since art paper has certain specialities in raw materials and papermaking technology, art paper has a big difference from ordinary paper in paper structure and performance, and has different requirements for the selection of printing ink and printing process. Pay attention to the following

Catia mechanical design entry

As we all know, catia is a banner in 3D software. It is widely used in the fields of aviation, automobiles, various types of machinery, electronics, home appliances, from conceptual design to industrial design, 3D modeling, analytical calculation, dynamic simulation, engineering drawings , To t

Guyan reagent-Maple balm

Maple balsam [Pinyin name] Fēnɡ Xiānɡ Zhī [English name] RESINA LIQUIDAMBARIS [Alias] White gum incense [Source] This product is a dry resin of Liquidambar formosana Hance of Hamamelis plant Liquidambar formosana Hance. 7. Cut the trunk between July and August to allow the resin