Recently, many users of 1800 offset presses successively reported that the machine's ink transmission was not good; the rubber rollers did not apply ink; the seams or other places were glued; the amount of ink reached the maximum, and the ink on the rollers was piled up and splashed everywhere. The printed writings are still very light, which seriously affects the quality of printed products.

The rubber roller is divided into two types: hard rubber and soft rubber. The hard roller consists of the ink source roller, the F roller, the E roller, the D roller, the uniform roller, and the water source roller. The soft roller consists of a total of seven ink transfer rollers, two floating rollers, a water transfer roller, a water retaining roller, an ink roller A, and an ink roller B. The normal service life of the rubber roller is very long, especially the hard roller. Some users are well maintained and are in use for more than ten years. The soft roller must be replaced when it is cracked, deteriorated, and the natural wear becomes thinner than the adjustment range.

As the 1800 offset press is an ink-mixed model, the control of ink and wash is the key to ensuring the quality of the print. At the same time, the transmission of ink and the transmission of water are good, and stickiness and other phenomena are not likely to occur.

The non-inking of the hard roller is mainly performed on the D, E, and F rollers. The non-inking of the soft roller is mainly performed on the transfer roller and the two floating rollers. When the machine is not in the water, all the rubber rollers are inked properly. Once they are on the water, these hard rollers will not start to ink one after another, and they will not even touch the ink. This phenomenon is mainly caused by some users' insufficient use, maintenance and care of the machine. They rarely clean the rubber roller for a long time. A large amount of ink is condensed on the surface of the roller, and some places condense a layer of transparent attachments that are not easily found by the naked eye. Impedes the transfer of ink from the roller.

When such problems occur, the machine should be cleaned in time to remove excess ink residue on both ends of the rubber roller, residual ink around the rubber roller part, the residue of the dampening agent, paper dust, and other unclean substances, so as to ensure the amount of lubricant for each rotating part. supply. At the same time, under the guidance of a professional, gently lightly wipe the hard roller with fine sandpaper, water or gasoline until the ink and transparent objects are removed. Remember, you can't put the sandpaper on a hard roller and open the machine to wipe it. It's easy to damage the hard roller because the surface of the hard roller has a thin layer of coating material, and after the damage to the packaging material, the roller must be replaced.

In the recent period, many users had the phenomenon of no ink on the rollers at the same time, which made us spend some time. First check, repair, adjust the machine, no effect. Repeatedly lightly wiping off the residue of the roller with a fine sandpaper, it was found that the inside of the roller also had an invisible white penetration. A week or so after the replacement of the new rubber roller, this phenomenon began slowly again. At the same time, it was found that there was a large amount of white powdery deposits in the water tray of the machine, which was thought to be paper dust. After replacing a variety of paper, the rubber roller was still not inked. Also replaced with a different dampening agent test, in which "Qing Yu brand dampening agent" can reduce the precipitation in the water tray, but the phenomenon of non-inking still exists. Finally, under the guidance of relevant individuals, the recent inks, especially some economic inks, were found to contain "talc powder" and harm people's "talc powder." The white precipitate in the water tray is "talc powder", and there is also "talc powder" that penetrates the inside of the rubber roller. Such inks doped with "talc powder" have no obvious effect on the ink separation machine. For the 1800 offset printing machine, the impact is very serious.


First, immediately stop using inks containing “talc”;

Second, remove all the detachable rubber rollers, and carefully wipe them with gasoline;

Third, use "clean paste" repeatedly to wipe;

Fourthly, after tests and practices have proved that it is recommended to use “Hanghua MX-581 fast solid black ink”, it can quickly fix the “talc powder” that penetrated into the inside of the rubber roller to repair the original wounded rubber roller. ;

Fifth, after about one week, basically all the rollers returned to normal operation.

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