Recently, the trend of 3D printing has become more and more new. In addition to the objects with great future characteristics, the French musician Laurent Bernadac wants to prove that 3D printing can not only showcase in the high-tech field, but also in the traditional music field. Give people a sense of surprise.

It is reported that Laurent Bernadac used a photo-curing (SLA) 3D printing technology to create a violin 3D Varius that can be played. The violin sounds bright and the main parts of the body are printed in transparent material, which is like a crystal violin, very beautiful.

In the interview, Bernadac explained: "The reason why SLA technology was chosen is because only this technology can print high-precision models using transparent materials. Our violin not only can perform traditional performances, but also has a more unique shape than wooden violins. It's simpler, more beautiful, and lighter."

When the violin finishes printing, it needs to be treated with strong ultraviolet rays to ensure sufficient strength and aesthetics before finalizing. After that, the producer can polish the surface of the violin and improve the touch of the strings and body parts to ensure the best performance experience.

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