GBT Everage, based in San Juan Capistrano, California, has recently developed an innovative beverage. The beverage's main customer base is students, and this beverage is healthier than other high-sugar products on the market. Sportastic drinks are low in sugar and rich in vitamins, and the company uses a shrinkable film spherical bottle that can be stacked together. The outer packaging of beverages is based on fun sports and changes every season.

Successful entrepreneurs understand the truth: Consumers often bring unexpected ideas to companies, and companies must be sensitive to these ideas. Bob Weiss, president of GT Beverage, and his brother Tom Weiss, managing partner of GT Beverage, certainly know this. Weiss recalled: “A friend of our friends particularly likes to play football. He wants our drink to be placed in a football-shaped bottle. We were awakened by his thoughts.” After that, the brothers started investigating the sports drinks market. And proceed to analyze products, packaging and labels.
GT Beverage was established in May 2008. At the time, Tom developed a baseball-like drink bottle. The bottles are not only creative but they can also be stacked together. The U.S. Patent Office and Trademark Office granted their D.596.489 patent on July 21, 2009 and determined that Tom was the inventor of the stackable bottle. In December of the same year, the product was put on the market. There was news at the time that they had established a brand new packaging line on the West Coast.
Shrink sleeve labels
Sportastic's new packaging is different from the conventional bullet-type design. With this unique design, it attracts many consumers interested in sports. The company used a shrink sleeve labeling technology to package a variety of interesting sports patterns for beverage bottles.
All GT Beverage shrink sleeves are designed by the company's own designers. These design drafts are usually Adobe Illustrator file formats, which are eventually delivered to the shrink-wrap provider Overnight Labels.
At Overnight, prepress technicians often refine the design again. They will treat tennis-shaped shrink sleeves more realistically. Don Earl, founder of Overnight Label, said: "We will adjust the curvature and shadow of the pattern to make it look more like a real tennis ball."
In order to better imitate the texture of tennis, the graphic processing department will cut the tennis ball into many pieces. The pieces are then placed on a flatbed scanner and digitized. Finally, technicians use Adobe Photoshop software to incorporate scanned tennis fragments into the shrink sleeve design.
Of course, not all physical sports sleeves require physical decomposition and digitization. But it is undeniable that every design of GT Beverage is filled with many challenges, because it is always difficult for designers to grasp the arc structure of the bottle.
Earl explained: "Every time we design the Sportastic shrink sleeve label, we will make some mistakes more or less, but we have made progress every time. But you have to understand that basketball and baseball are two different objects, the ball The stripes and other patterns need to be adjusted differently. Therefore, we need to solve some image distortion problems by trigonometry."
Because of the relatively low cost of adjusting the image through the converter in the prepress phase, Overnight will first use the digital proofing system to proof the sleeve before sending the Sportastic sleeve design draft to the printing house. Afterwards, they used the manual method to put the nested sample on the bottle and crimped and contracted it.
Earl said: "In this way, they can refer to our samples in the production process, so as to produce a bottle more in line with our requirements. Our product requirements are: the feel is exactly the same as the sample."

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