Agfa and Thieme recently announced that they will jointly develop a flat panel digital inkjet device that can be used in the screen printing industry. The system will use a new generation of inkjet technology, with the high quality and speed that are not available on the market today. The two companies will combine their technical strengths and play their respective technological advantages to jointly create this new system.

Agfa has unique expertise in the fields of prepress, imaging and inkjet, and Thieme has a strong technical force in the screen printing market. Therefore, their combination will successfully solve the problem of the combination of quality and productivity. At present, the screen printing market is developing at a rapid rate, but the imaging technology has not brought additional benefits to the screen printing manufacturers. Therefore, the joint initiative of the two companies will undoubtedly bring hope to the screen printing industry. This new technology will debut at FESPA2005 in Munich, Germany.

Backpack or mountaineering bags, just as the initial climbers used to load supplies and equipment bags are named. Because of its scientific design, reasonable structure, convenient loading, comfortable and easy to carry, it is good for the long journey, so it is loved by the climbers. It is not limited to mountaineering, and some people like to use such knapsack for travel, expedition, or field work.

Hiking Backpack

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