Soilless culture technology is an emerging technology in modern agriculture. It uses nutrient solution and nutrient substrate to supply the nutrients needed for normal growth and development. Soilless cultivation technology has replaced traditional soil cultivation, which not only saves land resources, but also effectively solves soil continuous cropping obstacles and greatly improves the quality of plants. At present, the soilless cultivation of agricultural production is common in greenhouses. High school organisms are subject to site restrictions if they carry out soilless culture experiment teaching. The advent of intelligent plant culture systems independently developed by Chuan Bran Biotechnology highlights its unique advantages. It is more suitable for middle school to carry out experimental teaching activities.

The intelligent plant culture system condenses various cultivation forms in soilless culture technology into one, and reduces the teaching space that originally needs at least one hundred squares to 10 square meters. The applicable places are also more extensive, and can be placed in classrooms, libraries, Lounge and more. Carrying out experimental teaching activities while beautifying the campus environment. The "intelligence" of the intelligent plant culture system is mainly reflected in the nutrient solution supply cycle, the switch of each lamp group, and the temperature compensation are all automatically controlled. And there is an alarm system, when the nutrient solution is lower than the lowest water level line or higher than the highest water level line, the text message is automatically sent to inform the person in charge. The intelligent and intimate design makes the intelligent plant culture system completely unattended, helping you to experiment and manage your daily life without any worries.

Intelligent plant culture system use process:

1. Nutrient solution configuration (a set of nutrient solution is included): 100 times dilution is configured according to the ratio of A:B:water=1:1:100; 200 times dilution according to nutrient solution: water=1:200 The ratio can be configured.

2. Add the configured nutrient solution to the three water tanks: add 5-10cm to the highest water level line.

3. Power on: Click the green button in the upper right corner of the machine.

4. Parameter setting: Each instrument will undergo strict factory inspection before leaving the factory, and the cycle time of various cultivation forms has been set. Teachers can also adjust the cycle time according to the planting needs.

5. Trimming seedlings: The plants planted in the intelligent plant culture system can be cut from the outside plants, or the tissue culture seedlings cultured successfully in the plant tissue culture experiment can be used.

6. Colonization: After cutting out suitable seedlings, it can be directly planted into each cultivation device.

Use smart plant culture system intimate tips:

1. When arranging the nutrient solution, it is best to use the water from the faucet for half a day to remove the chlorine dissolved in the water. The liquid A and the liquid B cannot be added at the same time, and it is necessary to add another solution after the solution is dissolved, otherwise the precipitation is likely to occur, which affects the effectiveness of the nutrient solution.

2. When setting the parameters, pay special attention to the setting parameters of the mist culture. The interval between each cycle should not be too long, otherwise it will lead to plant water shortage and death.

3. When using tissue culture seedlings as planting seedlings, the tissue culture seedlings must be washed from the tissue culture bottle and the root culture medium must be washed before colonization.

The intelligent plant culture system can be applied in a wide range of applications. Vegetables and flowers can be planted. Students can also arrange for planting according to their own preferences and needs. It not only allows students to subtly accept the teaching content of plant growth and development, mineral nutrient absorption, etc. The content is more operative and it is easier to stimulate students' interest in learning and the spirit of inquiry. The intelligent plant culture system combines the functions of experimental teaching aids and beautifying the campus, and is gradually favored by biological teachers from all over the country.


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