In the choice of ultra-clean workbench, many manufacturers do not really understand the size of the ultra-clean workbench. They often regret that the ultra-clean workbench is small or large after purchase. So, how do we determine the clean bench? Dimensions? Based on our many years of production experience, we have the following points:

1. Determine the use of the ultra-clean workbench; Generally, we believe that the ultra-clean workbench used in the experiment or in the biopharmaceutical industry is recommended to purchase a single-person ultra-clean workbench. If you want to use two people at the same time, we also recommend purchasing. Two singles instead of two-person ultra-clean workbench, because when doing various biological experiments, try to avoid failures caused by the same experiment; but if it is used to produce products, such as optical lenses, electronics If the product is not available, then there is no such problem. You can use the ultra-clean workbench for two people.

2. When using the ultra-clean workbench, make sure that other instruments will be placed on the ultra-clean workbench. If there is a relatively large instrument, even if you choose a single-person ultra-clean workbench, let the manufacturer know to place it. The size of the instrument needs to increase or increase the size of the ultra-clean workbench;

3. When purchasing a clean bench, pay attention to the size of each manufacturer, especially the size of the work area; as some manufacturers want to control the cost, the width of the single clean bench is only 700mm or less. However, when it is actually used, it tends to feel too small, so we believe that the minimum width of a single ultra-clean workbench must also be 800mm. The width of the double is guaranteed to be 1500mm, the height of the work area must be at least 600mm. The above height will only feel appropriate during operation.

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