The reason for the printed version

The technical level of domestic gravure manufacturers varies greatly. Due to the current limitation on the delivery time of printing, printing companies have little time for plate-making enterprises. In the last link of plate-making, the polishing process is easy to neglect. This negligence often leads to foggy problems in printing; in addition, after a long time of printing and abrasion by a metal scraper, the non-graphic text of the printing plate produces shallow dots, so the problem of fogging occurs Too.

Reasons for printing film

At present, there are many manufacturers of BOPP film in China. Due to the differences in the processes, formulations and additives added by each manufacturer, some films are not flexible enough, and the printing plate will be abraded during the long-term printing process, causing the printing plate Shallow dots are produced, and the foggy problem gradually occurs.

Reasons for the printing environment

The printing environment has a great influence on the quality of gravure printing products, especially in seasons where the temperature and humidity change greatly and in the harsh printing environment (such as low temperature and low humidity, it is easy to produce electrostatic pollution).

Causes of ink

Other external reasons are easier to solve. The problem of fogging caused by the ink itself is difficult to solve. This is a problem faced by the ink industry.

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