With the increasing demand for bathroom decoration, people are not only pursuing brands but also paying attention to product prices, which has become the primary consideration for people to buy. Let us know about the price of Anhua toilets . ,hoping it is helpful to you.

How about Anwar toilet?

Anhua sanitary ware porcelain products are fired at a high temperature of 1268 ℃ for a firing period of up to 24 hours, which makes the product's water absorption rate much lower than the national ceramic porcelain requirements of less than 0.5%. It has good heat resistance and cold performance, and will never cause glaze cracking of the product due to weather, temperature and other environmental changes. (Low-grade firing 800-1000 ℃, high water absorption rate, easy to produce black spots, the body is not dense enough, easy to glaze crack later)

1. Appearance : It looks relatively simple and atmospheric, with smooth lines and good effect, and it is easy to clean. Carefully observe the glaze is delicate and smooth, the texture is heavy, the color is crystal clear, and the finish is also very good.

2. Buffered urea-formaldehyde cover plate : One of the selling points of Anwar bathroom toilets is the uniqueness of the cover plate material, which is made of urea-formaldehyde resin. It is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly material, and it is very suitable for toilets that directly contact body parts. Its appearance has the same texture as ceramics. The trimming of the toilet lid is exquisite and beautiful, smooth and delicate. Not only the appearance design is simple and stylish, but also the function is very practical. No noise with damping device, can extend the service life of the cover.

3. Ceramic technology : Anwar ’s sanitary products use high-temperature microcrystalline antibacterial glaze, which is the exclusive domestic three-time glazing technology, the thickness of the glaze layer is more than 1.1mm, especially the third application of high-temperature microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze The glazed surface is smooth, the texture is like jade, full of luster, easy to clean, so that the bathroom products will be as long as new.

4. Water fittings : The water tank fitting is like the heart of the toilet. Attention should be paid to the quality of the fittings when purchasing. The water fitting has low noise, strong durability, good air tightness, and can withstand the long-term immersion of water without corrosion or scale. Otherwise, the toilet is prone to quality problems. The water parts of Anhua bathroom toilets have passed the test of flushing without dripping limit, which is durable and lasting.

Anwar toilet price

Anhua sanitary ware one-piece toilet jet siphon type deodorant mute toilet seat large pipe anti-clogging ï¿¥ 799

Anhua bathroom double siphon speed row toilet one-piece toilet water-saving mute millions of sets without blocking deodorant ï¿¥ 799

Anhua bathroom full pit distance water-saving mute toilet jet siphon type toilet one-piece toilet anti-clogging ï¿¥ 1099

Anhua sanitary ware one-piece spray double siphon toilet super water-saving mute toilet toilet cushion cover ¥ 999

Anhua sanitary ware spray double siphon type descending cover water-saving toilet toilet deodorant mute flush toilet ï¿¥ 1299

Anhua bathroom urea-formaldehyde slow down cover mute toilet jet siphon flush toilet to strengthen flushing ï¿¥ 1599

Anhua bathroom jet siphon Siamese Anhua toilet aB1369 Price: ï¿¥ 4455

I will introduce the price of Anhua toilets here. Do you have a deeper understanding of Anhua bathroom? If you want to buy a toilet, it is a good reference.

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