China is one of several ancient civilizations with a long history in the world, and has made many significant contributions to the progress and development of human society. The achievements made in ceramic technology and art are of particular significance. It can be said that an important part of the history of the development of the Chinese nation is the history of ceramic development. The achievements of the Chinese in science and technology and the pursuit and shaping of beauty are reflected in many aspects through the production of ceramics, and form a very Typical technical and artistic characteristics. In this issue, the editor will lead you to appreciate the decoration effect of Xinzhongyuan tiles and see whether the quality of Xinzhongyuan tiles is good or not.

1. The quality of the new Zhongyuan tiles is good

Guangdong Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Xinzhongyuan Ceramics") is a well-known ceramics enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. Its marketing headquarters is located in Nanzhuang Town, Foshan City, "China's First Ceramic Building Town". Xinzhongyuan Ceramics has been honored with "China's Famous Trademark" and other honors, and has been identified as one of the 13 sprint world-famous enterprises in the province by the People's Government of Guangdong Province.

New Zhongyuan Ceramics will, as always, uphold the enterprise spirit of "down to earth, make ceramic tiles well", insist on independent innovation, with the powerful strength of "leading brand of ceramic tile industry", we are committed to building an international brand of ceramics, and work with domestic and foreign partners to create a new world of beautiful career. Create a healthy and comfortable living space for consumers.

Second, the new Zhongyuan ceramic tile decoration renderings

1. Super clean and bright polished tiles-Plato


Industry original technology

Demonstrating the brand strength of 27 years of brand precipitation and technological innovation, New Zhongyuan took the lead in the ceramics industry to introduce the double technique of tiling lines, flipping uprights and cutting roller powder smashing, and created the body shell butterfly texture. Beyond the texture, gloss, texture and quality of natural precious stones, it is the first in the world in the field of ceramics and demonstrates the brand strength of Xinzhongyuan Ceramics.

Three-dimensional shell effect

Demonstrating unparalleled natural charm Extracted imported natural stone Brazil "Jade Shell", Italy "Golden Flower Beige", Turkey "Oman Beige", Egypt "Sama Beige" stone elements, after complex and diverse original technologies, shells and butterflies were born The silky lines envelop the inlaid texture, forming a multi-layered, multi-gradient three-dimensional effect, smart and harmonious, and demonstrating unparalleled natural charm.

Thousand-year art precipitation blossoms into the supreme spiritual realm

Thousands of years of artistic precipitation, the Plato series not only brings a sense of honor and honor on the material level, but also gives you a sense of belonging on the spiritual level, bringing a high degree of tranquility, nature, relaxation and enjoyment to the flashy and restless life, blooming the supreme spiritual state , The honorable taste of the successful people reflects the elegant and extraordinary spiritual pursuit.

2. Super clean and bright polished tiles-Fatima


Original dual-core technology, highlighting the famous stone style

Three-dimensional pearl particles collide with a shining texture. New Zhongyuan's original "crash fabric technology" uses a high-precision high-speed collision fabric method to create a three-dimensional particle texture on the brick surface.

Interlacing fine lines and stripes around the fine lines

The thin line texture in the three-dimensional space creates a staggered silk line for the brick surface, which perfectly reproduces the realistic effect of the natural stone line. Regardless of the depth or density, it shows the elegant style of the precious stone.

Cloud cluster effect fusion film magnificent and gorgeous

Another core technology of New Zhongyuan, "powder fusion technology", creates a cloud-like effect of the brick surface layer by layer, showing the unique texture of natural stone.

3. Antique brick series--Zhenmu wood grain brick

Zhenmu—Taste the taste of the life of the wood, imitating the texture and color of the original wood, building the ubiquitous space of the wood, pursuing the original sense of belonging of nature, without any rules and regulations, only seeking to express the leisurely and natural life interest . Classical, elegant and natural spaces make people calm down, suitable for us to read or sleep, but also suitable for enjoying warm moments with family. Look for tranquility in a noisy city and slowly taste the taste of log life.

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