Nilpeter introduced a new shaftless drive press FB-3300 S. This press is a new member of Nilpeter's family of presses with integrated shaftless drive technology. The standard configuration of the FB-3300S non-shaft drive press is a shaftless drive feeder, a non-shaft drive printing platform, a non-shaft drive intermediate feed stepping platform and a non-shaft die cutting machine. The new non-shaft drive technology means that the press can print accurately from thin films down to 0.001 inches to card paper up to 0.010 inches thick. The FB series models with non-shaft drive technology are user-friendly and easy to configure based on modular flexographic printing technology. The drawer type structure enables packaging and printing companies to increase printing options suitable for their own needs at an affordable price. The superior print quality and unmatched register tolerance make the FB-3300 S axisless drive press a highly competitive, high-value press.

Reprinted from: Printing Technology

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