Home business competition marketing ideas

August has always been regarded as the lightest month before the “11” after the “May 1st” in the home industry. In order to gain sales in the off-season and seize market share, various brand companies have racked their brains to launch various creative methods. The collection of creative works for the image spokesperson, the attraction of the body painting performance, and the limited supply of luxury famous products in the night market make this off-season month not calm.

One of the new creative ideas:

Creativity for cartoon spokespersons

On August 8th, in the three-story multi-purpose hall of Chengcheng Furniture Building in the city, colorful balloons were everywhere. On the rectangular conference table in the center of the hall, there were dozens of paper birthday crowns. When the surrounding lights suddenly darkened, a happy birthday song that people were familiar with also rang. Accompanied by this song, a white elephant wearing a red apron and a "honest" word on the apron slowly walked around with many people, shaking his head and singing a birthday song loudly.

This is the birthday party of the “Cheng Xiang Cheng Cheng”, a spokesperson for the city outside the city. It is one year old. With this auspicious day, Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Chengwai Cheng, announced the “Cartoon Image Promotion Creative Competition” collection order, publicly collecting paintings and flash works related to “Chengcheng”, and calling on everyone to show the kindness of “Chengcheng” through the works. Sincere, kind, loyal, sincere and other special images. The paintings require participants to use the theme of “sincere growth”, and the flash works are created with the theme of “Sincere and Sincere Travel”. The event will start from August 8th, officially deadlined on September 16th, and will be held on September 26th. An award ceremony was held. Any unit, group or individual who likes painting and animation can log in to the official website of the event to upload the entry directly. Among them, the prizes for paintings are up to 5,000 yuan, and the prizes for flash creations are up to 10,000 yuan. They are all awarded special prizes and one or two prizes.

"Integrity is our most proud corporate culture. Whether we buy, sell or promote, we pay attention to a 'sincer' word. How to root the word 'cheng' in the hearts of consumers is the direction of our efforts in the future. Liu Yang revealed that in the future, "Chengcheng" will be promoted to the whole industry through more film and television means, making it an industry spokesperson. When "integrity" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, is it still that consumers cannot become honest customers outside the city?

The second creative idea:

Borrowing body painting to increase popularity

The powerful furniture that never made special promotion activities made an amazing move on August 6th - 7th - at the same time, the body painting performance was held at the North Fourth Ring Store, Jimei Home Dahongmen Store and Oriental Home Yuquanying Store. With the strong popularity, the sales of the products were promoted. In the words of Zhang Fucai, chairman of the powerful furniture, "It is not the same to do activities."

According to reports, the theme of this marketing campaign of Powerful Furniture is “respecting the mysterious body painting and enjoying the absolute 'naked price”. Some soft beds and mattress products attract customers with a 50% discount, and they have “created quality, The banner of taste and experience, giving back to new and old customers has attracted a large number of customers. On August 6th, the body painting performance held at the North Fourth Ring Store in the home of the home, although not in the exhibition hall of the powerful furniture, but in the lobby of the international pavilion, still attracted many customers from the various museums to gather and paint The charm of art. Only on this day, the store's sales will be nearly 200,000 yuan, which shows the power of popularity.

“Strong furniture is a mass brand, which is famous for its excellent products and low price. It has a reputation in the hearts of ordinary people in Beijing. In this event, we put forward the service of “unconditional return of mattress for three months, changeable within one year”. The measures are very popular with consumers. As for the body painting performance itself, only more consumers are paying attention to us." Zhang Fucai said quite comfortably. The industry believes that in the home furnishing industry, no matter how big or famous the brand is, it is inseparable from creative activities. Attracting people's attention is an important means to achieve effective signing.

Three new creative ideas:

Night market for luxury brands

Summer sultry often blocks the enthusiasm of people during the day, and the cool night winds make shopping more interesting. Actually, the night market has already formed a good impression among the people in Beijing. "Free membership card, member discounts at 9.8 percent off night" has become a promotional card for Li Ze. From August 13th to 14th, Shilihe Store also moved the night market. The difference is that there will be thousands of luxury items.

“Walk around the Shilihe Night Market and grab luxury brands.” This is the slogan of the actual home for this night market marketing campaign. The reporter learned that in the night market hours from August 13th to 14th, 17:00-20:00, the "luxury famous products" prepared by the Shilihe Store in the home is very genuine, but the quantity is limited, and it is not "robbed". For example, an old oak cabinet of Sophia original price of 459 yuan / square meter for only 199 yuan / square meter, the original price of the door is 1,460 yuan / square meter for only 699 yuan / square meter, limited to 20 sets; modern champion ceiling a light heating Gas two-in-one original price of 1188 yuan for only 475 yuan, limited to 10 units; Boliang solid wood composite door original price 4200 yuan for only 2399 yuan, limited to buy 10; Anbo cabinet original price 18268 yuan for only 11990 yuan, limited to 20 sets ... "this way The famous products we have prepared for thousands of models, only in the two-day night market time can be limited purchase.” The relevant person in charge of the home said that to return to the customer in the night market, not only let everyone travel in the evening when it is cool, but also through limited edition In this way, the number of people in the store will be increased without affecting the brand price system, thereby increasing sales.

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