Guide: 2015 has passed more than half of the time. The development of paper bags and packaging machinery is still a few years ago. Apart from the changes in the times of the new era, there has not been much progress.

What is worth paying attention to is the obstacle to the replacement of the refurbishment. In the technology, the main control technology of a packaging machine is compared with that of foreign countries, but it is extremely disappointing.

The low level of repeated construction of carton packaging machinery has hindered the upgrading and refurbishment of industrial products, but it can only achieve natural elimination through market regulation and enhanced supervision of its downstream industries. This puts higher demands on the integration and sex of the carton packaging production machinery, that is, more integrated machines are needed.

What is worth paying attention to is that in the technology, the main movement control technology of a packaging machine is compared with that of foreign countries, but it is extremely disappointing. The role of sports control products and technology in packaging machinery is to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requests, mainly for loading, unloading, conveying, marking, palletizing, depalletizing and other processes. Therefore, it can be understood that the activity control technology is one of the key factors for high, medium and low-end packaging machinery. This technical support for packaging machinery has also become a bottleneck in the development of domestic packaging machinery.

Due to the obvious gap between domestic enterprises in the development of product technology and some developed companies abroad, the domestic research funds and R&D capital investment are seriously insufficient, which further restricts the improvement of technology level. The lack of high-tech talents is also the reason for restricting technology improvement.

Packing to packaging supplies, where to go from 2015 to where packaging printing companies go? How to develop more healthily through market purification and become more competitive? To adapt to the current new changes, enterprises must have new development ideas and new development directions.

Hexing Packaging takes the packaging Internet packaging creative design release bidding to introduce the world's new digital inkjet printing technology equipment to provide new service methods to integrate resources across the country, scale, large-scale, reflect comprehensive strength, and develop a new model of the Group;

Jingye Paper takes the modernization of paper packaging and packaging, domestic and foreign manufacturing technology, equipment automation, intelligent production, user resources, high-quality services across the country to attract domestic and foreign customers;

Xinxiang Chenglin takes the packaging of Internet packaging ideas, bidding for modern management, domestic and foreign manufacturing technology equipment automation, intelligent management production, integration of local superior resources to provide high-quality services, and become a regional leading enterprise;

The packaging is carried out by the internationalized packaging modern management training cartons specialized production (all kinds of industry markets) Chinese and foreign technical equipment production, production, research and research schools and enterprises jointly research and development (with master's workstations) high-quality services;

Shanghai Jinxing Packaging (three-level factory) is taking independent research and development of differentiated and personalized production (independent research and development, production of moisture-proof, waterproof, mildew-proof, fresh seafood, fruit and vegetable cartons, exported to the United States) to develop various professional markets.

Digging new ideas and integrating the industrial chain In the past 30 years, China has gone through the development process of more than 100 years in Europe and America, and basically built a complete paper product packaging industry system. From papermaking, mechanical equipment, education and scientific research to production of products, it is completely independent and independent. It ranks first in the world in terms of total volume and growth rate, and has become a big country in the world of paper packaging. We are marching from a big country to a strong country.

After decades of development to the present day, various contradictions have been concentrated. In the face of complex situations, we must comprehensively sum up history and find a way to develop in line with the present and future periods. We believe that the development of the industry in the past is often that a single industry faces the entire industrial chain, and even a single enterprise must compete with the upstream and downstream, and compete with the peers. This model can support the development of the family. In the new development period, only the industry, the integration of enterprises into the entire industrial chain, the entire social economy will have a benign and lasting development of the industry. In order to achieve sustainable development, enterprises must first adapt to the needs of market development according to their actual conditions, open up new markets and new fields, and take a unique path suitable for their own development.

The development law and development process of China's packaging and printing market is the industry's reshuffle, industrial agglomeration, mergers and acquisitions, the elimination of a large number of backward enterprises, backward production capacity, the greater the size, the better the better, the company that can survive is a good enterprise, go Advanced manufacturing, China's industrial manufacturing road 2025.

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