The increasingly competitive cabinet market forces companies to transform their traditional business models, and the cabinet company's move from a single product to an overall home is more conducive to enhancing the company's operating space and enriching the company's business philosophy. In addition, in recent years, the overall home has gained recognition from more and more consumers with its unique advantages of one-stop service. The overall home model has become one of the choices for cabinet companies to become bigger and stronger. In the next 2011, the overall home model will become the mainstream model for the development of cabinet companies. For more information, please stay tuned to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website

Consumer demand boosts the development of the overall home model
In recent years, the overall home has been favored by consumers with its unique one-stop service model, especially its fast, efficient and cost-effective consumption methods have been recognized by more and more consumers. It can be said that the reason for the rise of the overall home model is that it can fully cater to the needs of consumers for home improvement.
With the continuous development of the society, consumers' demands for home decoration are also increasing, and the overall home can not only satisfy the consumers' demand for the aesthetic, quality and overall personality of the home improvement products. Moreover, the overall home mode has advantages in design, construction, and service that cannot be compared with the home improvement model.
The era of low profit forces cabinet companies to find more business space
We know that after more than 20 years of development, the cabinet industry has presented a quotation proof, and the competition in the terminal market of cabinets is increasing. In 2010, the successive introduction of the regulation and control of the property market and the rise of raw materials at the end of the year have further reduced the profit margin of the whole cabinet industry. Various factors have made the cabinet industry enter a low-profit era. Under such a market environment, it is difficult for a single product to adapt to the enterprise. The development of the market, coupled with the above-mentioned overall home furnishing program, is increasingly favored by consumers, which has forced more and more cabinet companies to change their previous business models and horizontally while making a single cabinet product that is stronger and stronger. Expand and move towards the whole home.
The overall home is both an opportunity and a challenge for cabinet companies.
The overall home is an innovative model for cabinet companies, and is the way out and turning point for the future development of the company. It can bring comprehensive upgrades to the industry and has a broad market space.
However, for cabinet companies, the overall home as a new home decoration model, including a wide range, enterprises in the expansion of the overall home model, the capital size, operating mechanism, human resources and other aspects have high requirements, and the traditional operating model In contrast, the industry threshold is being lifted very high, most small and medium-sized cabinet companies can not afford such a threshold, most of the strong behavior will halfway. In addition, the overall home model is still in the concept stage, not really popular, consumer awareness is not strong and the overall home purchase is not very strong.
For the enterprise, although the overall home mode is already the development trend of the future industry, in the next 2011, facing a new market environment, the overall home will become a breakthrough for the cabinet enterprises to win the market. For the cabinet enterprises, the combination The market, recognize the development situation of the industry, proceed from its own reality and do what it can. Only in this way, cabinet companies can come to the village to find a home improvement model suitable for their own development.
For more information, please stay tuned to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website

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