China Education Equipment Purchasing Network News: According to a recent report from CBC News in Canada, a team led by Gerard Wright, a biochemist at McMaster University in Canada, was discovered for the first time in archaebacteria 30,000 years ago. A variety of antibiotic resistance genes, this discovery has been published in the recently published "Nature" magazine.

The research team extracted soil samples located in the paleogeological layer deep in the permafrost layer in the Yukon region of northern Canada, and isolated a variety of ancient bacterial strains including actinomycetes. A variety of antibiotics are resistant. These antibiotics have a wide range, including beta-lactams such as penicillin and cephalosporins; glycosides such as vancomycin; and tetracycline. Gerard Wright believes that the geological age of their sampling is the most prosperous period of mammoth on the earth, which shows that the resistance of microorganisms is not a new problem after the widespread use of antibiotics, but a kind of existence that occurs along with the development of the earth ’s natural ecology. Very old phenomenon. This also explains why bacterial resistance now occurs so quickly. Because the drug-resistant archaea species they found were harmless to humans, it can be understood that the resistance genes in pathogenic bacteria now come from those ancient and harmless soil bacteria. However, how the drug resistance genes are transferred remains to be studied. Gerard Wright believes that antimicrobial ancient strains in the soil should have existed on the earth for at least a million years. Their discovery just uncovered the tip of the iceberg, but due to the limitations of the research conditions, it was impossible to take more time A long-term sample, so this can only be considered as an assumption, to be confirmed in the future.

McMaster University is located in Hamilton, southern Ontario, Canada. It is one of the six most famous universities in Canada. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. Life sciences, nuclear technology, and computers are the university's strengths.

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