1. The low-temperature coolant circulation machine (pump) adopts air-cooled fully enclosed compressor unit for cooling, intelligent control by microcomputer, the refrigeration system is automatically turned on, delayed off, multiple protection devices for overheating and overcurrent.

2. The circulating pump can output the cold liquid in the tank (machine), cool or test the container outside the machine or establish a second constant temperature field.

3. The computer is equipped with a scheduled shutdown function. After this function is turned on, the scheduled shutdown time can be set arbitrarily within 0-100 hours.

4. Double window, red and green LEDs are used to display the temperature setting value and temperature measurement value, the number resolution is 0.1 ℃, and the microcomputer can correct the temperature measurement value deviation, so that the digital display accuracy reaches ± 0.1 ℃.

5. It has a microcomputer software lock function, which can lock the setting values ​​of various parameters of the system, and unrelated personnel cannot change the set parameters.

6. All the above operations are spared by pressing the touch key on the microcomputer intelligent control instrument, and the operation is simple.

7. The product is easy to use and can work continuously.

8. DL series low-temperature coolant circulation pump (machine) adopts air-cooled fully enclosed compressor unit refrigeration and microcomputer intelligent control system to provide low-temperature circulating cooling water (liquid) flow or low-temperature constant temperature water (liquid) flow to meet the use of cooling water And the need for low temperature liquid to reduce temperature or constant temperature instruments (such as rotary evaporator, fermentation tank, electron microscope, low temperature chemical reaction kettle, electronic energy spectrometer, mass spectrometer, density meter, freeze dryer, vacuum coating instrument, etc.).

9. The water tank (machine) of the DL series products is made of stainless steel. High-quality pure water can be added to the water tank to circulate and cool the inside and outside of the machine in order to ensure the normal operation of precision instruments with high water quality requirements and extend the life of precision instruments .

10. The DL series low-temperature coolant circulation pump (machine) is used in conjunction with the 2 liter to 50 liter rotary evaporator (dish) to replace tap water condensation, especially suitable for condensing water when low boiling point or heat sensitive materials evaporate.

11. In the working cold tank (machine) of the DL series of low-temperature coolant circulation pumps (machines), various containers containing biochemical reagents or samples to be tested can also be directly subjected to low-temperature constant-temperature tests or tests.

3. Technical parameters

Type number

Working temperature ℃

Constant temperature accuracy ℃

Best ambient temperature ℃





Cooling capacity (W)

Pump flow

(L / min)

Pump head


Timed shutdown (h)



± 0.5







0 ~ 100

4. Operation steps

4.1 Add liquid medium into the tank: liquid medium generally uses more than 95% alcohol, and the liquid level of the liquid medium cannot be lower than 20mm on the worktable.

4.2 Pipe connection of internal circulation pump: connect the outlet pipe to the inlet pipe with a hose.

a. When the circulating pump performs external circulation, connect the liquid outlet pipe with the hose to the inlet of the tank outer container, and connect the liquid inlet pipe to the tank outer container outlet. (Note: Two 1m long hoses are provided at random). If users are not long enough, please purchase hoses and insulation sleeves by yourself.

b. The pipe on the left side of the instrument near the front panel is the liquid return pipe, and the pipe on the back is the pump liquid outlet pipe

4.3 Plug in the power and turn on the "power" switch.

4.4 The operation of the instrument is as follows:

A. Description of instrument keys:

SET function key Shift key plus key minus key

B. Temperature setting

Press the function key, the meter is in the temperature control setting state, the measured value position displays the "SP" symbol, press the numeric increment key or decrement key to set the temperature value you need, and press the function key again to enter the next parameter setting.

C. Time setting

Press the function key, the meter is in the time setting state, the measured value position displays the "ST" symbol, press the numeric increment key or the decrement key to set the working time you need, press the function key bundle again, the meter is in the normal control state, at this time The measured value shows the current temperature of the liquid medium in the tank, after which the smart meter enters the automatic control state.

D. Description

The timer is counted down and the timer ends. The SV window displays "End". At this time, the compressor stops working, and then the time can be set or the "total power supply" can be restarted to start working again.

Note: In the setting state, when no key is pressed for more than 1 minute, it will automatically exit to the normal control state.

4.5 Turn on the "outer circulation" switch

V. Precautions for use

5.1 Liquid medium should be added to the tank before use.

5.2 The working power supply should be determined according to the model (technical parameter column) of the machine, the power supply should be greater than or equal to the total power of the instrument, and the power supply must be grounded with a "grounding" device (Note: there is a ground lead on the lower left screw behind the 380V voltage instrument ).

5.3 The instrument should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and the back and sides should be 400mm away from obstacles.

5.4 After use, all switches are turned off, unplug the power plug, use suction ball, leather tube to suck the liquid in the tank. Shanghai Yuming Instrument Co., Ltd.

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