The demand for domestic furniture customization has huge market space at all levels of consumption. Professional custom furniture manufacturers and traditional furniture manufacturers have their own opportunities. Whether they can grasp the market of 100 billion yuan, they must first provide personalized services and then strengthen supply. The ability to manage the chain. Who can take the lead in making these two points well, who can fundamentally resolve the contradiction between individualized demand and industrial production, and become the leader in the future custom furniture industry.

Although traditional furniture companies will encounter influential production processes in the field of custom furniture, the cost is not easy to control, lack of professionals and so on, but the introduction of custom furniture in traditional furniture companies still has a large market prospects, especially for solid wood enterprises. According to the reporter's understanding, many solid wood enterprises, many factories have recently introduced customized services for solid wood. Li Weijia, a service provider mainly engaged in high-end custom furniture, told reporters that the company’s sales will reach 30 million yuan in 2013, and the company’s annual sales will show a 100% growth trend, which is enough to show that traditional furniture enterprises have entered high-end custom The furniture sector may be the next strong growth point.

The traditional concept of "there can be no hardships for children" is deeply rooted in the minds of Chinese people. Therefore, people who have a little bit of economic strength will not be saved in the expenses of their children. Many people in the industry believe that children's wardrobes are not affected by the real estate market. Whether the property market is good or bad, parents should buy a wardrobe for children. In the course of the interview, we can see such parents from time to time, the wardrobe of 10,000 yuan in their bedroom is also too expensive, but the equipment for the children's bedroom is 20,000 or 30,000 yuan. In recent years, the growth of children has become more and more concerned by people. The idea of ​​buying professional children's wardrobes for children is gradually gaining popularity.

Children's wardrobe market "money" unlimited

It should be said that the age group of children's wardrobes is very large, and children aged 0-18 can use the children's wardrobe. The purchasing power comes from the consumer group with 30-45 years old with certain economic strength. Therefore, children's wardrobes have great consumer demand on the one hand. On the other hand, its consumer group is strong, and of course it has become a tempting cake for wardrobe enterprises.

Moreover, the ordinary wardrobe is a durable consumer product, basically no problem for more than ten years, but the children's wardrobe is not the same. The person in charge of the wardrobe brand said that the child grows very fast, the demand for the wardrobe in infancy, childhood and adolescence is different, and the replacement probability is relatively higher, which naturally brings more market opportunities.

Products must meet the needs of parents and children

Although the children's wardrobe market has great potential, it is not easy to operate in it.

Compared with ordinary wardrobes, children's wardrobes are small in size, but the production process has not been reduced, and there are higher requirements in production technology, safety and environmental protection. At the same time, the scale of children's wardrobe production must fully consider the physiological and psychological needs of children. The products with less sharp corners, concave design and best to grow with children are the most popular. It can be seen that children's wardrobes require enterprises to invest more research and development costs, and put forward higher requirements for the strength of enterprises. Therefore, some brand-name adult wardrobe brands are often not easy to enter the children's market.

More importantly, to sell children's wardrobes, you need to please parents and children. At present, most people buy children's wardrobes, parents are first to know which brand of children's wardrobe is more professional, more in line with their own economic level, choose the brand, understand the general discount range, they will bring their own children to go Let them choose their own in the store. Some industry insiders report that almost half of the children’s wardrobes are sold by children.

As far as the product itself is concerned, in order to sell the children's wardrobe, the requirements for the release standard and the safety standard should be higher and stricter than the adult wardrobe. The parents should be convinced and assured to buy; secondly, the color should be And the shape is in line with the children's taste, more importantly, it is more scientific in function and design, so that it can be favored by the market.

Custom homes have two trends that are leading the trend this year. One type is integrated home, which is also the so-called "big home" concept. In addition to providing conventional products, furniture manufacturers have extended the direction of cabinets, custom cloakrooms, storage cabinets and accessories, and building materials companies seem to be more inclined to propose the concept of whole house customization, that is, not only traditional doors, cabinets, Wardrobes, stairs, floors, and the idea of ​​deeper into the furniture, especially in the solid wood custom manufacturers have been concentrated.

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