In 1953, the first time humans ascended the Everest. Since then, a total of 176 people have been killed while conquering the world's highest peak. Renna is the latest one.

If it wasn’t for Ren’s hometownship, perhaps this visit to Tibet did not happen. This is the first time our reporter has entered the home of a Tibetan climber, feeling their joys and sorrows, and excavating readers for stories beyond the top.

Because Mount Everest is located in their hometown, this group of Tibetan children chose to climb and challenge themselves as a career. The elevation of 8,000 meters is the so-called “death line” of anthropology. For professional climbers, this is every spring. Progressive workplace.

Why go hiking? Zhang Liang, an amateur climber who just climbed Mount Everest, said, “I just want to change my life style!” For professional climbers including Renna, climbing is a job. “Not because I like it, but because Work that can be avoided if it is dangerous or afraid!"

Woman on top of Mount Everest

Renna and Jiji were the first couples in the world to summit Everest at the same time. They had envied the female teammate Rajie. But now, Raj is afraid to go into the mountains with her husband Daisumi. "If both of them have accidents, what about the children? Mom and Dad are gone!" Raji and Guisang are known as the bravest of China. The women talked about Mount Everest is more afraid. “Even if you go home to farm in the mountains, you can't go uphill again!” The family's temples cost a total of more than 20,000, all of which are bonuses for Raj and Dashimi. Every time they enter the mountains and down the mountain, they will bow down here. Green pepper fried beef, cabbage mixed with fans, tomato and egg soup, as well as a plain fried potato chips. Lagui lifted the plate and brought the leek into the reporter's bowl. “Eating potatoes, the potatoes are brought from hometown Xigaze, delicious!”

Sunlight drips from the glass canopy. The tabby cat jumps around in a chair. The local news of Lhasa is broadcast on the TV. There is no street lamp at night in a street near the Potala Palace. There are pedestrians throwing litter. "Oh, Lhasa. This is the worst habit of people. Garbage is thrown everywhere!” Laji’s husband, Daqimi, looked and evaluated.

This was the noon of June 4th. The day after Laji and her husband, Daqimi, and Tibetan mountaineering and mountaineering school students returned to Lhasa from Everest. Laji’s sister said that her sister and brother-in-law went uphill for two months. “We read the news every day at home and ask Buddha to bless them to return safely!”

"The food at home is delicious! I've got a good appetite for the mountain. I've already gained eight pounds since returning to the base camp!" After dinner, Raj and her sister went to the city to open their mobile phones. Outage procedures are the same every spring.

The son yelled at her in the door frame. “Granny, please bring me an ice cream when you come back!”

Going out to the left, passing by a family, several women whispered dishes to wash their dishes at the door. “That's Gigi's home!” Raje whispered, “Renner is the most handsome of our team and the technology is also At best, no one thought of coming back this time. Gigi went to Pakistan to pick up his ashes. The child is still young, only 11 years old..."

“I’m worried that I can’t come back and look at it once I’ve passed by the beautiful scenery.”

In the Tibetan mountaineering team, death has never been a topic that can be avoided. Although the team has been fairly safe for nearly two decades, at the beginning of the spring season every spring, the news of the death of Shanyou will be uploaded from each mountain to the mountaineering team and to Lhasa.

“I grew up to be a police officer and arrest bad guys. I'm not a mountaineer because I'm going to die!” Raj's 8-year-old son already knew about mountaineering, and resolutely showed that his future aspirations have nothing to do with mountaineering. “Mom and Dad went up the mountain. I watch TV every day and wait for them to come back!” The 3 year-old Rahm Yang Jin’s sister lost her father this time. This made him more afraid of his parents traveling. He ate and said rice bowls. "My grandmother, I'm very obedient. You see I'm all finished!"

When he reached the entrance to the dormitory area, Raje met with Yin Xunping, secretary of the mountaineering team. He was hurrying time to sort out Renna's materials. He hoped that he would declare the title of "martyr" for him. He smiled and looked at Lagui. "It is safe." It's good to come back! Every time you start, you'll hope everyone can come back safely!"

He said that every time the team enters the mountain, the courtyard is full of bleak scenes of death. Departed family members often turn their backs to wipe their tears, and the team members who are about to leave are distressed not to look at their wives and children. “Before departure, all the players were to explain the matter. Before entering the mountains, they will not bring any valuable things. The passbook will tell the family about it. After all, the danger of this job is here.” As a secretary He is responsible for arranging with the players before starting the team. “They are generally reluctant to trouble the organization. Sometimes the task is really dangerous. Some people will talk about the children’s schooling and their family’s work arrangements. If they can’t return home, they cannot take care of the family again. ."

The connection between mountaineering and death is a reality that does not require reflection for Raj and the teammates of the climbing team. Every time they go hiking, they will see the bodies of the victims on their journey. The female team leader Guisang Sang said she never could bear to look at them. "I feel very poor and I can't help myself. I didn't dare to look at them and try to get around." Sometimes when I go mountain climbing, I see particularly good scenery on my way up. I think in my heart, can I still come back? Will this beautiful landscape be seen again?"

Laji is a sultry man. She is never afraid to see. This time, with her husband, he climbed Everest. Even more, he feels emboldened and courageous. “There are always friends and friends asking me if I have seen the death on the mountain. I said they couldn't think of it either. I thought I could, if I could, I shot them down and came back to my friends." When she was close to the "Second Step," she saw the Russians who died on the previous day. " He hadn't reached the summit yet, so he sucked the oxygen out, maybe because the oxygen was running out, he was mad in his heart, his head broke into the rock, it was blood, and it was hanging upside down on the rope. snow……"

She took out the camera hidden in her chest and wanted to take a picture. The husband walking in front of him was anxious. “Rajee walks quickly, don't shoot it, or I won't wait for you!” The husband was 11 years older than she and treated her. Just like treating a child, "My husband said that she couldn't wait for me. I was scared. I quickly took up the camera and walked up." Dazymi said that only a boyish Raj would be like this, "We are all afraid to see and do not want to see. Especially when the couple went uphill together this time, I was particularly worried about our accident on the road. If both of us had an accident, what would the child do? My father and mother were all gone!”

Their eldest daughter, Dyang, was 12 years old and was studying in a Tibetan middle school in Shanghai. After Mom and Dad went to Mount Everest, the children could not sleep until they couldn't sleep all night. When they heard the teacher said that their parents had reached the summit safely, she calmed down. . After coming back to the base camp, Raji knew that the Russian who was killed also had two children. "Children call to ask daddy every day. They are afraid to tell them that his father is dead."

"Every time I saw the death, I talked to the Buddha in my heart, and asked Bodhisattva! Bodhisattva, you see this man, he died here. He has a wife, a child, and a father and mother in his family. This is not okay. Buddha, please, don't let me do the same! Let me go back safely!” Raje and his husband, Gumi Midi, were devout and faithful. There was a room in the house dedicated to the Buddha statues. Butter lamps, Buddha statues and various instruments were bought by the mountaineering bonuses. A total of twenty thousand yuan were spent on them. Every time they returned they would pray in front of the Buddha statues.

“Professional mountaineering is not a fun thing to do. There are only their own hardships and family members' concerns.”

Laji’s father, Daci Jen, was one of the first group of climbers in the Tibetan mountaineering team. He was responsible for road construction every time. The most respected member of the team was the one responsible for the roads. When Laki was 16 years old, he was recruited into the mountaineering team. Her mother was worried that both the father and the daughter would go mountain climbing. Once she was in danger, the family was in a difficult situation. They demanded that my father leave the team and return to Shigatse.

“Daddy went to Everest and I just imagined my dad!” This is the second time that Laji has summited Everest. Every time she takes photos of her father, she takes pictures on the top of Mount Everest. “Let’s go back and see Daddy. He is particularly happy!"

In the honor room of the Tibetan mountaineering team, Raj’s father and his teammates received photos of the leader’s meeting. Rajti specifically pulled the reporter there. “Look, this is the daddy!” said Raje’s sister. “If Daddy doesn’t go back, maybe now All the captains of the mountaineering team."

Lagui’s husband is also a dad's pick. “I didn't think of looking in the team at the beginning. Because the job was too dangerous. We couldn’t do this for both people. But my dad said that the Chisumi people are good and let me be nice to him. "Daqi Milibaj was 11 years old and once climbed with Laji's father, Da Ciren." He loves to read books and never goes out to drink and does not go out to play. He is the most honest one in the mountaineering team and marries him. Dad's right, he is a good man!"

At the age of 16 when he entered the Tibetan mountaineering team, Laji did not go to school. He would not say a word in Chinese. “I learned all right in the team. Now I can say yes?” She began privately two years ago and followed her privately. The teacher learns English and Italian. "If I can't speak, I can only rely on translation. If it doesn't work, I can speak more now. I have more exchanges with foreign friends. I am very happy."

She is naturally optimistic and enjoys outdoor sports. She is the most lively woman in Everest Base Camp. Sister Guisang said that the human nature is not the same. Every time she saw the people of Raja and the climbing team happily, she had some feelings of emotion. “I'm always happy to get up and think A lot of things, when the girl is good, there are a lot of things that I worry about after getting married.Each time before departure, I want to see a few more children, and I have to dare to look at them, and I hope to start off quickly. At home, I was worried that the task could not be completed. Anyway, my heart was very heavy."

When the two climbed Everest, the only Chinese woman who climbed three peaks above 8,000 meters and said that there was no rhetoric or even a lot of pride in climbing. “Reporters like to ask, what is the pleasure of mountaineering? I want to say that professional mountaineering is not a fun thing. There are only their own hardships and family members' concerns."

Her husband was a staff member of the Tibetan Mountaineering Association. She was very supportive of her when she was young. “It is no use now. I can't stand this stimulus.” In 1999, the 42-year-old climbed Mount Everest for the gathering of the sixth national minority games. The husband waited in front of the TV and waited for the news. "He waited until five o'clock in the morning and had my news. He almost died suddenly. Since then, he would not allow me to board again, saying that he couldn't stand the stimulus. ”

This time, Deng Yufeng and Gui Sang worked as technical advisors at the advancing camp of 6,500 meters. When the team set off, she joked with the commander Zhang Jiang. “Up to 6,000 meters, you can't control me. I have to top it.” Zhang Jiangyuan did not hesitate to say, "We can't control you. Someone can manage you. Call your husband now!"

After Gigi and Laji were both on their way to the summit, Gui Sang's tears flowed and she cried because she walked herself twice on her way to Everest. "It was too difficult, for the first time. I am not happy at all because we have to go downhill and think that the road is so difficult to walk and I am particularly worried.” On the day they were on the summit, Raj was very bad weather. Several teams, including the US team, were all due to the weather. Abandoning the summit, Guisang was worried for them, fearing them to be surprised and cry especially hard.

"Why do you want to come for mountain climbing? It's good to go back to farming!"

“Climbing is really not easy. Women are even harder!” The woman who praised the reporter for praising the climb was terrific. Guisang always shook her head. “I never think that women are stronger than men. They may be stronger in mountain adaptability, but Whatever physical strength is, it cannot always be compared with men.When climbing, we women are never responsible for road construction, and many things are also men on the back. If there is a man on the summit, it will always be practical. child!"

Before entering the Tibetan mountaineering team, she worked in the army. Mountaineering has given her countless honors and made her become the "top ten female heroes" in China and a member of the Political Consultative Conference of the Tibet Autonomous Region. In 1975, the Chinese mountaineering team climbed Mount Everest for the second time. She was originally the first main force of the women's team. If it weren't for the teammates who burned the water when they burned their lower limbs, she may be the first person in the world to climb Everest from the north slope. female.

At the age of 22, she regretted crying and left the base camp. Now she is 48 years old and she has no recollection of climbing after peaking. She said that if she can choose, she would most like to return to the military to live peacefully. When we meet together, we will always say, you see how successful your career is, but I really don’t really like this profession. I’m really worried about my family’s people. The big one."

The idea of ​​"never climbing again" actually existed for everyone. Even the optimistic Skyscraper swears in the chilly, bitter mountains of snow and ice. "This time, you will never come again. You can't go uphill again when you go home and farm in the countryside!"

Mountain climbers are most afraid of encountering an avalanche. The death rate in such disasters is extremely high. Laji and her husband, Zimi, suffered an avalanche and lived afterwards. When Raj was 17 years old, he climbed into the mountain for the first time. When he successfully climbed back to the summit, the avalanche knocked her down to the edge of the cliff. He stuck one hand to the cliff. “It was only a year after entering the mountaineering team. There was no experience at all and I was afraid of death. After I saw the deep lake below, I was scared and shouted, 'My grandmother, I'm going to die, I'm going to die!'” Later, thanks to her experienced coach, she encouraged her. She insisted on trying to pull her up and finally got out of danger.

Her husband Zimi also had similar experiences. The avalanche knocked him down with his teammates. The two fell rapidly along the stream of snow. "There was no way at that time. Only Grandma!" On that hill, the Japanese climber’s top player died because of an avalanche. “We were really hung up that time. When the snow flow stopped, we were only 50 meters away from the edge of the cliff. It was there!"

Renna, who was killed in Pakistan, had also experienced an avalanche with his teammates. When he and his teammates climbed Lhotse in Nepal in 1998, both teams of the expedition team suffered an avalanche and slept in Renna at the entrance of the tent because they suspected that the tent had locked the air and did not lock the zipper inside. The snow flowed out of the tent. When he got up, there was only a big snowfall. The tents of his teammates were all covered in heavy snow. He was wearing shorts and socks while he was crying, digging, hand-planing, and the other three teammates. Rescue it.

"It's really dangerous. This job! Because climbing is our profession, we have no choice. We can't finish the task because we don't like it or fear it. But if you can let me choose, I won't do it again." “Guang Sang said that she still can't believe it until now. Renner really has passed away.” So good a person, just like this! The 14 most difficult mountains in the world, he has already climbed 13 places. The last one left, even if Hill did not enter, he was killed by the Rolling Stones. The world..."

The deceased had gone and had a good time. Laji said he is looking forward to seeing his daughter with her husband in Shanghai in July. “What kind of Shanghai is it? I haven’t been there yet?” Guisang just wanted to quietly watch TV at home and chat with her husband. The two other women's team members who did not climb to the top were Cang Mura and Pu Buzhuo. Both of them reached the summit of Everest in 2003. When Cang Mu pulled on the second stage, she thought of giving up three times. She said that she would use her life forever to remember the hard moment! When Phuzhuozhuo said tears from the peak of Everest, she said that after the summit, she realized that "not that we conquered Mount Everest, but that Mount Everest showed me a gentle side."

Standing in front of a group of Tibetan climbers, they smiled because the dream of Everest had already been realized; they cried because the sister named Gigi was now experiencing the darkest moment in their lives. After the top five days, it was difficult for them to go home. In order to complete their tasks, the husband and wife had been separated for two months. Now Sauvignon Blanc can no longer meet each other.

Cang Mura said that her youngest daughter has just been 6 months. Regardless of where she will be in the future, “Peace is a blessing!” When WOMAN climbs, our woman is never responsible for road repairs. Many things are also on the back of men. At the top of the summit, there is a man around and it feels a bit steadfast! - Gui Sang. (Featured author Xu Mei)

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