"When buying furniture, you must ask the merchant for the product manual, look at the furniture materials, and carefully decide whether to buy or not." In response to many consumer complaints about furniture, the municipal quality supervision department reminded consumers to buy furniture to have Reputable stores, buy well-known brands, for more information, please pay attention to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website

The surface is very pure and behind it is fake
"Pure solid wood production, highlighting noble and elegant." Solid wood furniture as the main product of the furniture market, has been selling well, but in recent years, complaints about solid wood furniture remain high. Many solid wood furniture manufacturers and merchants have played such slogans, but looks like solid wood furniture is pure solid wood? Mr. Zhao, the citizen, met such an annoying thing.
Mr. Zhao renovated the new house some time ago. For the sake of safety and environmental protection, he bought a set of pure solid wood furniture and moved home at a high price. The sales staff repeatedly promised pure solid wood to ensure safety, environmental protection and health. Unexpectedly, the friends who came to visit the house found that the furniture was not all solid wood, and many places that could not be seen outside were backed by the manufacturers, such as backboards and drawers, even chipboard and MDF.
Mr. Zhao immediately found the manufacturer to ask for a question. He did not expect the salesperson to deny the original statement, and emphasized that he only had the promise of solid wood for the main material. He never said that the auxiliary material is pure solid wood.
After listening to this explanation, Mr. Zhao said angrily: "I knew this is the case, I definitely don't buy it." After returning home, Mr. Zhao carefully looked through the product introduction card that was attached to the furniture, and there was no furniture material. Related instructions. When he bought the furniture, Mr. Zhao did not ask for the product manual. He pleaded with the furniture factory to the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau.
Intentionally not to give product specifications
In response to Mr. Zhao’s situation, Bai Zhongqin, the head of the Light Industry Second Division of the Quality Supervision Bureau of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, said: “The furniture purchased has no instruction manual, and there is no detailed agreement on all the materials of the furniture. It is difficult to prove the furniture provided by the merchant and the original The promises are inconsistent and it is more difficult to defend rights."
According to national standards, the base material of solid wood furniture should be solid wood sawn timber or solid wood board. The base material of comprehensive furniture is made up of solid materials, wood-based panels and other materials. However, the phenomenon of replacing solid wood furniture with comprehensive wood furniture is common in the market. Many solid wood furniture is not pure solid wood, but the main frame of the furniture is pure solid wood, and some auxiliary parts such as drawers, partitions and other parts are made of composite plates. This kind of board will contain a certain amount of glue, and it is also the hiding place where formaldehyde is most concentrated. Therefore, if the choice is not appropriate, the so-called solid wood furniture will also have the phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde.
Bai Zhongqin reminds consumers that many furniture manufacturers are currently trying to evade their responsibilities, exaggerating the content of propaganda, and intentionally not providing product specifications to consumers, or there is no solid wood or comprehensive furniture type in the manual, which will lay a hidden danger for future rights protection. Therefore, he reminded consumers that when purchasing furniture, they must ask the merchant for the product manual and see the material of all the materials in the manual before making a decision.
Upholstered furniture is easier to "stain dirt"
In addition to solid wood furniture, fabric soft furniture is more likely to "stain dirt". Bai Zhongqin said: "Compared to wooden furniture, fabric soft furniture has a larger area of ​​contact with the human body, so health and environmental protection should be the first consideration when purchasing."
According to reports, the fabric of soft furniture is likely to contain harmful substances. If the inferior fabric treatment technology is not in place, the harmful components in the dye will often be left behind. When purchasing, use practical and environmentally friendly fabrics as much as possible. If consumers can't distinguish the quality of fabrics, it is best to let the merchants issue relevant instructions and quality certificates.
In addition, because soft furniture will use benzene-containing glue in the production process, and inferior sponges and fillers may also hide harmful substances, and the current national standards for soft furniture are still unclear, which also gives consumers a choice. It is a certain inconvenience, so Bai Zhongqin advises consumers to buy furniture and go to reputable stores to buy well-known brands.

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