Perfume is a magical incarnation. It can quietly let you smell your own taste, and cherish more love yourself. Here is the most representative summer aroma for everyone, even if the footsteps of autumn are still close, you can still use the aroma to close the beauty of a summer, long mind. 】

Collect summer aroma

Summer aroma retains beauty

CHANEL Chanel N°19 perfume (light and elegant version)
In 1970, at the peak of the female revolution, Henry Robert created a bold N°19 fragrance, bravely combining fresh blue and white tones and powdery irises. Ms. Chanel has always been known for her rebellious style, and this last masterpiece of perfume, as always, is loved by women who appreciate avant-garde and maverick. Shanwei has always been the main theme of N°19, and now, N°19 has the latest fourth interpretation. And their connection to each other is both subtle and significant.
French scented orchid grass water eau de toilette - jasmine god reference price: RMB500/75ml
The fresh fragrance of jasmine jasmine in jasmine eau de toilette is mainly selected from the elegant and green tone of white flowers such as Xiaocanglan and primrose and lily of the valley. Similarly, the addition of a little bergamot and white rosin reinforces the illusion of it: the freshness, refreshment and pleasure of the gradual dissipation. The treatment of the fullness of the scent makes the fragrance go straight to the sky. Finally, amber and white musk notes are added to the product to continuously and continuously penetrate the inner layer of the skin.
Dior Dior Flower Eau de Toilette Limited Edition This scented fresh spring bouquet is a light fruity blend of citrus and delightful Sicilian oranges. Later, the floral notes gradually softened and bloomed. After the bright and fragrant peony aroma, the delicate fragrance of the rose essence followed.
PORTS Isabella perfume reference price: RMB 498/50ml
The pulsating poetry of PORTS Isabella girl: the sweetest fruit is like the highest sound suddenly drawn in the movement, fresh and elegant; the mid-tone surprise of the journey, as if the air is filled with nature and life. Love; the quiet and warm fragrance of the remnant, gradually spread the last trace of mysterious charm, is the sexy and strong soul of PORTS Isabella.
LANCOME Lancome Love Love Perfume Reference Price: RMB495/30ml
Bright and dynamic, sexy and charming, the new Lancome Lancome loves love perfumes and sings love. This gentle, romantic perfume seems to be a fresh veil, evoking people's infinite imagination and free pursuit of love. Nectarine, wood and cedar flavours are blended with signature roses and rich jasmine to create a modern, refined fragrance.
MJ Daisy Dome Ring Daisy Solid Balm Ring Daisy brings a fascinating natural refreshing experience, as if this perfect experience comes from wild strawberries, violet leaves and ruby ​​grapes. Gardenia, violet petals and jasmine petals bring a velvety sensation - a modern combination of modernity. The addition of musk, vanilla and white wood makes the aroma more harmonious, bringing a silky softness and a gentle sensory experience.
CHLOé 浪漫 浪漫 romantic flower language lady fragrance (沁心青莲)
Reference price: RMB990/100ML
Passionate personality glamour trio, looking for inspiration from the fascinating memories of nature. Focusing on natural ingredients, the EAU DE FLEURS fragrance series pays tribute to the three essential elements: lavender, nasturtium and neroli. The fragrance is in a luxurious glass bottle with a simple design and a metal cube stopper. This iconic glass bottle embodies Chloé's consistent values: simplicity without losing detail, luxury and elegance.
Diesel Fire Life Women's Fragrances Summer Edition Diesel Fire Life Women's Summer Limited Edition perfume bottle packaging echoes the shape of the flask, such as the playful eye of the abstinence era. The top notes of citrus and bergamot are used for sensory enjoyment; while the long-lasting fragrances of jasmine, blackcurrant and neroli are blended in a scent of flowers and fruit, followed by amber, musk and scent The fragrance is harmonious and harmonious.
Paco rabanne million ladies perfume reference price: RMB510/30ml
Lady Million million perfume, seemingly fragile but very emotional, always exudes a feeling of burning like a fire. The charming bottle of paco rabanne million perfume, inspired by the famous Le Regent in the Louvre Museum in France, the designer enhances the feminine charm, multi-angle exquisite cut reflects the unparalleled charm. The fresh floral tones blend with the strong woody notes, as if the mysterious alchemy represents the second self of women: lively and unpretentious, indulgent, humorous and infinite.
Armani new sentiment ladies perfume reference price: RMB520/30ml RMB720/50ml
She is a poem about the natural ecology and a story about water. She traveled across the coast, fleeing to pure and primitive nature with the breath of nature and water. This entertaining poem is based on three strong feelings and is expressed in three fragrances: botanical, watery and earthy.

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