Innovia is a thin film manufacturing company headquartered in Australia that produces biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and cellulose films. The company has developed a coated cellophane film called LMSCi, which is ideally suited for wrapping batches of baking process yeast. Fresh yeast powder is an active product that releases carbon dioxide and water during storage and distribution. This requires that its packaging has specific gas and water vapor permeability; yeast powder is required to be transported and stored before use. In high humidity and low temperature environments, the seal integrity of the package is also important; in addition, the yeast powder is particularly sensitive to foreign substances and is easily contaminated. The packaging must provide a complete barrier against bacteria.

This blue cellophane film is made by special coating on the film. It has a special grade of infiltration, heat sealing, and barrier properties required for yeast powder. It can ensure the activity of yeast powder and eliminate external contamination.

Innovia Films recently improved the coating design of the cellophane film and the softening agent on the film. The improved heat sealing of the film is more robust and more insensitive to humidity. The allowable permeation rate of LMSCi cellophane film per day is 600g/m2, which is the most suitable moisture permeability of yeast powder. If the humidity is too high, it will cause the growth of mold; LMSCi film has extremely high gas barrier properties to protect the yeast powder. The activity, the optimum permeability and the outstanding barrier properties, together with the kraft paper packaging of yeast powder, make the shelf life of the fresh yeast powder highest; the LMSCi film can also provide a good and strong seal without additional Pressure or heating, so the phenomenon of burning yeast powder does not occur during sealing; it is very important to protect the initial hygienic state of the yeast powder during the entire distribution of the yeast powder. The LMSCi film protects the yeast powder against external contamination. At the same time, since the cellophane film is blue, it can be easily identified and then removed as soon as a piece of paper is accidentally mixed into the yeast powder.

Claire McCaughan, Innovia's film marketing manager, said: “The use of colored films in yeast powder packaging can provide additional security protection for products and help companies maintain strict quality control.”

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

Pressed Cookware:

Aluminum cookware is generally use to every family. Since aluminum is a light weight metal with very good heat conductivity and is an excellent choice of metal for making cookware. Aluminum cookware does not rust, and it is resistant to corrosion. Because aluminum cookware can react with some acidic foods to change the taste of the food, most aluminum cookware has been coated with a nonstick coating. Either process will eliminate the problem of acidic reaction.

Aluminum cookware that has been made from sheet aluminum is manufactured using a pressing process under heat and pressure.

pressed cookware

die-cast cookware

pressed cookware

Pressed Cookware

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