The sample to be shaken is first clamped onto the tray holder. Turn on the power (plug the plugs of the power plugs that are randomly installed in the power socket of the machine separately), and close the power switch (锨) indicator to light, indicating that the power supply in the machine is turned on, the timer will come to you first. The required working time (attached to the timer manual), the temperature-controlled heating section has also entered the working state. The “red” color indicator of the temperature control part indicates the heating work, and the “green” light indicates that the heating stops. The degree displayed by the number is the actual temperature in the working room, and the 0-99.9 number is the preset temperature selection. If you need to control the temperature in a certain area, you only need to select the temperature to a certain temperature to be controlled. Press the oscillating part of the oscillating working shape to work. You can select the oscillation speed to within the range of 0 to 300 rpm according to actual needs.

set temperature:

Turn on the temperature control power and press the SET button to set or view the temperature set point. Press the SET button to start the flashing of the digital tube character, indicating that the meter enters the setting state, press the â–³ key to increase the setting value, press the â–½ key to decrease the setting value, long press the â–³ key or the â–½ key to change the data quickly, press again The SET button returns to the normal working state and the temperature is set. (If the temperature controller is intelligent, the temperature control manual is attached).

Speed ​​setting:

Turn on the speed control power supply, operate on the inverter, press the “RUN” button on the panel, slowly adjust the potentiometer to the required experimental speed. If the operation stops midway, press the “STOP” button. Re-run the “RUN” button. To change the oscillation speed, adjust the potentiometer to the desired speed.

Precautions for use of constant temperature shaker:

First of all, the power supply must have a reliable protective grounding wire, and non-professionals are prohibited from disassembling the electrical control part.

When the shake flask is damaged in the experiment, it should be cleaned in time to avoid the fermentation liquid corroding the shaker.

Do not move while the constant temperature shaker is working.

When the instrument is in the "cooling" state for a long time, it should be heated and ridiculed according to the period, once every 15D, the method is to reset the temperature to 40 degrees, open the box door, and make the instrument work in the "heating" state. The second time should not be less than 4H, so that the moisture in the box can fully escape.

When the instrument is not used for a long period of time, especially during the rainy season or wet season, it should be periodically energized to run 5-8H to remove the moisture absorbed by the electrical components of the equipment.

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