Corrugated metal hose is generally composed of three parts: corrugated pipe, mesh sleeve and joint. The corrugated pipe is the body of the metal hose, which has the effect of flexibility; the mesh sleeve has the effect of strengthening and shielding; and the joint has the effect of cohesion. For different application requirements, the methods for connecting them are different: the bellows, mesh sleeves and joints are connected by welding, which is called welding; the connection by mechanical clamping is called mechanical clamping. ; In addition, there is a combination of the above two methods, called hybrid.

Net cover: The net cover is woven from several strands of metal wire or several metal strips interspersed with each other in a certain order, and is set on the outer surface of the metal bellows with a regular point of view, which has the effect of strengthening and shielding. The mesh cover not only controls the static load of the metal hose in the axial and radial directions, but also guarantees the safe and reliable operation of the metal hose under the condition that the fluid moves along the pipeline pulsation effect. Together, it can also guarantee that the hose corrugation is somewhat indirect The ground was mechanically damaged in terms of relative conflicts, impacts, etc. The corrugated tube with the mesh sleeve woven can increase its strength by more than ten times to dozens of times. The highest shielding can reach 99.95%. Our company mainly deals with stainless steel metal hoses. The information of the mesh sleeve is usually the same as that of the bellows. There are also two kinds of data. Usually metal hoses only use one layer of mesh sleeve; for special applications, there are also two or three layers of weaving. Depending on the diameter of the bellows and the different application requirements, it is often manufactured from wire with a diameter of 0.3 to 0.8 mm or a strip with a thickness of 0.2 to 0.5 mm. There are 4 ~ 15 wires per share, and one strip per spindle. At present, most of the steel wire mesh sleeves produced are 24, 36, 48, and 64-strand corrugated pipes with extra large diameters, and 96, 120, and 144 strands. In addition to the number of strands, wire diameter, number of ingots and thickness of (wire), the main weaving parameters of the mesh cover are the coverage area, weaving distance, weaving viewpoint, etc. They are all important basis for determining the function of metal hoses.

Joint: The effect of the joint is to connect the mesh sleeve with the corrugated pipe as a whole. Together, the joint is also the part that connects the metal hose with the metal hose or other pipe fittings and equipment. It guarantees that the medium works normally in the pipeline system. The data of joints are usually the same as the data of bellows and net sleeves, mostly stainless steel. In order to reduce production costs, some metal hoses with larger diameters can be made of carbon steel when transporting a medium that is not corrosive or non-corrosive. For the joints of metal hoses in the case of corrosive media operations, if depicted Adopting corresponding measures to avoid contact with the medium can also be made of carbon steel. The layout of the joints can be roughly divided into three categories: spiral, flange and fast:

1. Threaded type: The joints of metal hoses with a diameter of less than 50 mm are mainly threaded types when receiving high operating pressure. When tightening the thread, the inner and outer taper surfaces of the two joints Work closely to complete the seal. The cone angle is usually 60 degrees, and 74 degrees is also useful. The layout has good sealing, but it is necessary to ensure the concentricity of the two mating parts when installing the device. In order to deal with the problems of repeated disassembly, assembly, and concentricity that are often seen in practical engineering, the joint can also be described as the cooperation of the conical surface and the ball head.

2. Flange type: the joint of the metal hose with a diameter of 25 mm or more, under the condition of accepting the normal working pressure, the flange type is the main one, and it is sealed in a cooperative manner of the tongue and groove. The loose flange that can be transformed in the radial direction or can slide in the axial direction connects the two bodies under the effect of the tension of the tightening bolt. The layout has excellent sealing function, but the processing is difficult, and the sealing surface is easily bruised. On special occasions requiring quick release, the hole through which the fastening bolt passes can be cut to make a quick release flange.

3. Express delivery: The joints of various metal hoses with a diameter of less than 100 mm are usually selected under the conditions of rapid loading and unloading. It is usually sealed with an O-ring made of fluoroplastic or special rubber. When the handle is moved from a certain point of view, the claw finger equivalent to the multi-thread is locked; the tighter the O-ring seal is pressed, the better the sealing function. This layout is most suitable for fire scenes, battlefields and other occasions where quick loading and unloading is necessary. Within a few seconds, without using any special tools, you can connect or disconnect a set of connectors.

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