Natural materials are preferred and processing steps are minimal

Various interior decoration materials currently on the market basically contain substances which are harmful to the human body more or less. Some harmful substances are easily overlooked because of their low content. But for growing children, it is very harmful, easy to induce various diseases, and even affect the normal development of children. Therefore, when selecting room decoration materials for children, it is necessary to select natural materials as much as possible, and the fewer the processing steps, the better. This will prevent various chemicals from causing pollution indoors.

The floor of the children's room can be made of non-polluting materials such as wooden floors and various ceramic tiles. It is also possible to scrub with wooden floors and floor tiles, even if it is dirty. Always pay attention to the use of carpets, some families are afraid of children's injuries, and use pure wool carpet in the living room. In fact, this practice is unscientific: the blankets can breed parasites such as aphids and invisible to the naked eye, which can cause children with respiratory diseases, and various chemical fiber carpets can cause allergic reactions in some children.

In the wall decoration of the children's room, use less polluted wall paint or imported wallpapers for children. These two materials are also decorative materials that are less harmful and easy to scrub. Even so, you still need to open the doors and windows after renovation, and ventilate for more than four hours a day, preferably for about 15 days.

â—†Adjustable furniture, grow up with children

As the child grows up, the self-adjusting children's furniture is favored in the home market. It can adjust the height and length arbitrarily. Parents can change the shape of the furniture according to the child's height, age and hobbies. Both economical and affordable.

When choosing furniture for children, it should be noted that the bed is made of a wooden bed or a soft spring bed; for storage cabinets, toy boxes and bookcases for children, it is best to hold only the children; A computer desk and an adjustable computer chair should be provided for children to learn.

â—†Children's room decoration should pay attention to environmental protection and safety

Children's self-protection ability is weak, in addition to environmental protection, safety is also a concern for children's room decoration. If these things appear in the children's room, they may cause unexpected damage to your child.

1. Too high toy frame - the toy frame should not be too high. It should be better for the child to freely pick up the toy, and it should be stabilized. The corners should be decorated with cotton sleeves to prevent some unsafe factors.

2, a large area of ​​glass and mirrors - children in the curiosity will also dance to the mirror in their own hands and even punch and kick, then the mirror may become the child's deadly killer.

3, sharp corners and handles - the child's self-protection awareness is weak, so parents need to strengthen their awareness in this regard, on the one hand can choose furniture with circular guide angle when buying furniture and indoor products, another In the aspect, you can purchase a special "corner bumper" that is attached to the corner of the furniture.

4, television, mobile phones, microwave ovens and other large-scale electrical appliances - these appliances may affect the growth and development of children, especially the development of the brain. The radiation effects of some devices, such as mobile phones, on adults may be negligible, but they cannot be ignored for children in their growth and development.

5, power outlets without protective measures - power supply is an important consideration for the safety of children's rooms, to ensure that children's fingers can not be inserted, it is best to use a socket with a socket cover.

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