For high and low temperature test chambers, the leakage problem is one of the problems that we have a headache but cannot completely eliminate. For the design and development of the test machine, of course, we hope to minimize the leakage failure by optimizing the structure, innovative experimental principles and so on. Since these are not fully realized, then we must be familiar with the leakage of the test machine and know how to handle it:

1. Connector. Leakage at the buckle and flange. The pipe connection of the refrigerator is usually a detachable form of a joint, a buckle or a flange. Since the compressor is vibrating during operation, especially the bell mouth or the flange port connected to the suction and exhaust valve of the compressor, it is most likely to be shattered and leaked, and it is often leaked.

2. Leakage of the welded joint of the solenoid valve core and the valve body. Refrigeration equipment with solenoid valves has frequent opening and closing of solenoid valves. When the magnetic force sucks the valve core, the impact force of the upward movement of the valve core is large. Therefore, the weld of the valve body and the bushing is prone to cracks (the soldering is more likely to crack), and the leak detection is often performed in this part. If there is leakage, the entire solenoid valve stem should be removed for repair welding.


3. Each connection point of the high and low temperature test chamber evaporator. The inlet and outlet of the evaporator or the flange of the flange. The brazed part of the elbow. End cap seals and outlet ports for shell and tube evaporators (detected with leak detectors in case of parking and non-opening valves).

4. Each connection point of the condenser. The inlet and outlet joints or flanges of the condenser, the tubes of the air-cooled condenser are welded at the elbows, the end cap seals of the tubular condenser and the water outlets (detected under parking and water stop conditions).

5. The various seals and connecting pipes of the compressor. The oil level indicator of the compressor. The sealing surface of each cover plate.

6. The connection part of the valve and the pipe. The bellows of the water quantity regulating valve, the connection of the pressure gauge and the pressure relay, and the like. If there is any trace of oil at each leak point, the order should be wiped dry. If it is found to have oil traces later, it should be leaked as a suspected leak.

Regarding the above-mentioned explanation of the leakage problem of the high and low temperature test chambers, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the leakage of the test machine and the subsequent troubleshooting.

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