"Autumn Tiger" arrogantly attacked, as the saying goes, "Ten days after the fall of the autumn heat", the sudden high temperature gives us a good deal of skin, hot and hard, UV is still raging, sunscreen homework still can not relax, Xiaobian reminds MM correct Sun protection, to prevent autumn tigers, to be a clear and beautiful white beauty.
1. Paying attention to sunburn photoaging is a very popular saying in recent years. 90% of our facial skin aging problems are caused by ultraviolet rays, and 95% of ultraviolet rays are UVA. What is even more terrifying is that it It has strong penetrating power and can destroy the collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis, making the face loose, which is the culprit of skin aging. Even on a cloudy day or when we stand by the window in the room, the skin is also radiated by UVA. Therefore, when choosing sunscreen, we must choose a sunscreen that can balance UVA and UVB.
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Ouquan Lin Running Whitening Sunscreen

Do not relax the sunscreen homework, do a clear white beauty

Ouquan Lin Run Whitening Sunscreen Cream surpasses ordinary SPF protection, effectively protects the skin from sunburn and sunburn, allowing you to enjoy the sun. Light and non-inductive and effective waterproof and anti-sweat formula, it also makes the skin feel zero burden. Innovative “touch-and-dry” formula, which allows the skin to absorb quickly, the texture is refreshing and non-sticky, leaving the skin sun-friendly and easy to breathe. Formulated with water-repellent, anti-sweat and anti-scratch formula, it provides effective sun protection for the skin even if it is sweaty and wipes sweat. Bringing the health and beauty of “Summer without traces” to urban women.
2, clean the skin before using sunscreen, you must thoroughly cleanse the skin. Sunscreen inevitably increases the burden on the skin, so keeping your skin clean can reduce the chance of pore blockage, avoiding the grease and dirt remaining in the pores, and mixing with sunscreen products can cause acne growth. However, people who are looking for oily skin prefer the practice of exfoliating. Be cautious in the summer. If excessive use of scrub to exfoliate and expose the dermis to the sun, then it is not just tan, so simple to the skin. The damage may last a long time.
Recommended Products:
Estee Lauder Deep Cleansing Mask

Do not relax the sunscreen homework, do a clear white beauty

A mild texture and an excellent oil-free mask that thoroughly removes dirt and impurities that cause dull skin, blocked pores and uneven skin tone. It also cleanses smooth skin. Effective oil control, remove dander and protect natural moisturizing barrier. Contains the aroma of Chinese lotus, lychee and ginseng. Protects the skin's own natural moisturizing barrier and maintains moisture. Deeply removes dirt and impurities, and you really cleanse smooth skin. Removes dander and oil, but does not leave the skin feeling dry.

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