Donate old toys and pass happiness to left-behind children

Donate old toys and pass happiness to left-behind children

The "Toy Re-Sharing" charity program sponsored by Duracell Battery and sponsored by the China Women's Development Foundation was launched in Guangzhou recently. The event aims to convey happiness to left-behind children by sharing toys.

The event is currently being recycled through the distribution channel of the Yangcheng Evening News, from October 26th to November 24th, using 5 weeks of weekend time, 6 communities per week. The target of the collection is 60,000 pieces, and the toys are required to be more than 80% new, mainly plush toys.

The recycled toys will be sent to more than 60,000 left-behind children in 10 provinces and more than 100 schools in China after three cleaning, secondary disinfection, independent packaging and packing and packaging procedures.

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