LXD-2A electric centrifuge

The electric centrifuge is suitable for auxiliary equipment in medical and health departments of professional colleges and light industry, textile industry, food industry, agriculture and other laboratories. It is especially suitable for sampling in the paper industry when measuring the pulp beating degree after beating, and can measure the net The concentration of each part before the front box. And for washing slurry in the laboratory.
1. The instrument is directly connected, using a single-phase capacitor motor, low noise, low power consumption, starting speed is 2800 rpm, voltage 220 volts, frequency 50 Hz, power 50 watts.
2. The instrument is equipped with a digital display time relay, with hours, minutes, and seconds set arbitrarily, and the timing is accurate. The time can be selected arbitrarily from 0-99.9 hours. After dehydration, the wet slurry has good water content repeatability.
3. This product has reasonable design, elegant appearance, small volume, convenient operation, stable rotation, and is a desktop structure.
4. The dewatering cylinder uses high-quality materials and is corrosion-resistant.
5. Dimensions φ250 × 550 (mm)

Main technical parameters: 1. Rotating speed of dewatering cylinder: 2800r / min
2. Motor power: 60W
3. Timer: 0-5min
4. Weight: 23kg

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