On a hot summer day, the sultry weather can easily make people feel upset and have poor appetite. Even in the face of delicious food, they still don't want to talk. Some people will cool down and improve their appetite by DIY some summer food. In fact, the aesthetics of the tableware used to place meals will also affect people's appetite. When a tasteful or personalized or refreshing dinner plate holds your favorite food, I believe that your appetite will rise instantly.

ART UNIVERSE hand-painted ceramic red plum series small bowl

Reference price: 25 yuan

Painting with a pen, hand-painted plum blossoms, and the glaze treatment of a large pen can highlight the beauty of the shape. The most common bowl in life, under such treatment, looks very delicate and retro, and people's mood should also be relaxed.

Yijia IJARL creative ceramic 12-head Korean cutlery set

Reference price: 159.9 yuan

This tableware full of Han Fan, fresh and natural colors should be loved by many young artists. The fine and irregular crack glaze, which seems to be random but classic design, is natural and exquisite, showing a simple and elegant state.

Kawashimaya One Leaf Flat Boat Ice Cracked Glaze Seasoning Dish

Reference price: 35 yuan

Seeing these four wonderful leaves placed together, do you think they are actually just sauce plates? When eating, use these leaf-like saucers to put seasonings such as vinegar and chili. Do you think that even simple food like buns will become elegant immediately?

A cool summer flat snowflake plate

Reference price: 12.6 yuan

The pale blue snowflake dinner plate with the turquoise table mat is refreshing a lot. Does the cool things such as snowflakes, ocean, and grass immediately appear in front of you?

Bambu shallow large salad bowl

Reference price: 290 yuan

The perfect combination of modern design and classical bamboo. Each bamboo bowl is coiled from bamboo, shaped and polished by hand, with cashew nut oil coating on the inner surface and food safety coating on the outer surface. The texture is light and firm, whether it is used for soup or salads, it can become the focus of the table.

Le Meiya tempered transparent glass salad bowl

Reference price: 19.8-68 yuan

In the hot summer weather, let yourself cool down with a refreshing salad bowl. MMs who love beauty can prepare their favorite fruit salad and vegetable salad in this transparent glass bowl, which is delicious and healthy.

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Manual Delivery Table

Manual Delivery Table

1. Import hydraulic system

2. Memory sponge mattress

3. Electric Longitudinal displacement ≥350mm

4. Tabletop is X-ray available

5. Optional Carbon fiber bed panel

This Manual Delivery Table is widely used in operating rooms of hospital and clinics. It is suitable for surgery operations on body part

like purposes head, neck, chest and abdominal cavity, perineum and extremities for surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, orthopedics

and other surgical operations.

The Manual Delivery Table can be flexibly adjusted by the foot pedal pump and manual hand wheels. Adjustments include waist bridge lift,

head board folding up and down, Backboard folding up and down, leg board folding down, tabletop lean left and right, tabletop lead forward

and backward .

Material of the whole structure is made of 304 stainless steel.




Certificates of CE, ISO9001, ISO13485, CFDA are approved.


Our company


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Shangdong province is the main machinery production base in China.

KANGERJIAN Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a group of senior lighting design expert and machinery manufacturing expert company with 20years experience and factory locating in the east city--the hometown of confucius--Qufu in Shandong province, China.

The Company has passed the ISO:9001:2008 quality system certification, ISO13485:2003 quality system certification, CE certification and CFDA certification, so that the enterprise management standards and product quality is relatively connected to expand the international market for enterprises to lay the foundation.

Our main products: Operation Theatre Lights, Halogen Operating Light, LED Operating Light , Double Dome Operating Lamp, Single Dome Operating Light, Surgical Table, Medical Electric Operating Table, Electric Hydraulic Operating Table, Obstetric Delivery Table, Gynecology Examination Tables, Economical Gynecology Table, Electrical Gynecological Table, Operating Theatre Pendants, medical hanging tower, ICU tower crane in ICU room, LED Viewbox etc. medical equipment.

The quality of casting by me, the market led by me! Excellent from professional, KANGERJIAN people lead the new trend of medical equipment.




Inner Package---Dust-proof plastic film+ qualified shockproof foam

Outer Package---Thick Plywood case for over sea delivery

We support ODM of the package if there's special demands from clients


Sea shipping, Air transportation, Expresses like DHL, UPS FEDEX, TNT etc. Our forwarder give good price support.

Clients also can choose their own forwarder.


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