[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Red is a traditional Chinese festive color, used in the wardrobe design, of course, can add a festive color of the wardrobe. The European-style red building nightmare overall wardrobe , with red as the main color, is very suitable for wedding room decoration design. Usually see this hilarious wardrobe, the mood of the ashes will be swept away, so that you can immediately restore a positive and enthusiastic mood.

European style wardrobe
Festive color European style red building nightmare overall wardrobe evaluation

Evaluation brand: European style

Evaluation products: Red House Nightmare Overall Wardrobe

Product specifications: 2.4m (width) * 2.4m (height) * 60cm (deep)

Initial impression: The first feeling of seeing this wardrobe is very intimate. In fact, the intimate feeling is from the designer in the store. Professional designers can provide a lot of advice for customized furniture products according to their personal hobbies and actual needs, to ensure that this furniture is personalized, but also to achieve its use value and life extension. Also in this wardrobe, many functional accessories can be replaced according to actual needs, is a very human furniture.

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