Nowadays, plate furniture is popular. It is the wardrobe made of melamine sheet. Whether it is the home improvement carpentry master or the online information, it shows that fir is a very good material for furniture, very difficult to deform!

To say the waterproof performance, the southern bucket is the kind that appears in the Shaolin Temple movie. The wooden buckets used by the monks to pick the water must be made of fir, and then the tung oil is brushed. Other woods can't, why? Or because fir is not easy to deform and is not easy to rot. Therefore, you can use the fir as a cabinet to be sure! Super environmentally friendly and durable! Of course, the surface has to be painted, varnish tung oil is good. The key issue is that the fir is not used as a countertop, so there is no problem at all. Regarding waterproofing, in addition to the overall brush varnish, it is enough to brush twice on the surface of the plate below the sink, and it is no problem to leak water.

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