Rub`nSmell fragrance ink is a new type of ink produced by Flink Ink, Michigan, USA. Users who use this ink can greatly increase the brand appeal of their products. This ink has a unique fragrance, so packaging products printed using this ink have higher appeal to consumers and their sales have increased substantially. This ink was produced by Flint Ink in collaboration with Scentisphere LLC, which specializes in fragrance products. After its release, it was well received and loved by customers. Because this ink has a good promotional effect, it is particularly suitable for the production of packaging and label products. Products using this ink generally have the aroma of lemon, of course, can also be customized for other odors, so it is particularly suitable for the printing of cosmetics, skin care products and other fast consumer goods packaging. This ink can be used directly on the printed pattern. Once the friction is applied, the aroma will be emitted.

Reprinted from: Global Flexible Packaging Industry

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