The problem of furniture quality has created a shadow in the minds of consumers, which has made many consumers feel as if they are skating when choosing furniture. In recent years, the quality of furniture has become a hot spot for complaints and is not limited to formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Stimulating odor, product deformation, collapse, peeling, cracking, shrinking, color loss, opening of glue, loose structure, etc. are all problems reflected by consumers. The product creates a deep crisis of trust. It is understood that furniture ranks second in Beijing's product complaints for two consecutive years. What is the cause of frequent product quality problems?

The most important reason is the competition of furniture companies. The competition forced the enterprises to solve them through various methods, and the quality of furniture products has shrunk while controlling costs. Even some extremely irresponsible companies use some non-environmental materials in the production process in order to pursue the interests of the company, so that the inferior products are still circulating in the market, causing great harm to consumers and hindering the development of the industry. .

It is imperative to strengthen the corporate social responsibility. In particular, as a "boss", you must understand: As a social individual, what kind of responsibilities and obligations should be assumed to the state and society? If the capital determines that the enterprise is bigger and stronger, then the social responsibility of the entrepreneur is not only related to the sustainable development of the enterprise itself, but also closely related to the sustainable development of the national economy, environment and society. At a level, it is not only unethical to lack a good faith, but also to rely on environmental damage and harm to consumers' interests to expand at a low cost. Such development is also difficult to sustain.

Second, industry management blind spots need to be resolved

At present, most of the testing departments use the 18584 testing standard. The detection method is based on the difference of raw materials, and the sample is sampled in proportion. The sample size is 50x150 mm. The three sides are sealed and collected in a desiccator. The collected liquid will be collected. Analysis is carried out to determine whether the content of harmful substances exceeds the standard, but this detection method only detects the amount of formaldehyde released per unit volume, which has nothing to do with the size of the furniture, and does not truly reflect the amount of formaldehyde released by the furniture itself in the room. This also produces the phenomenon that the formaldehyde emission is up to the standard but the formaldehyde content in the air of the user's home is likely to exceed the standard; the same material is used to make the formaldehyde emission of the small desk reach the standard, but the large wardrobe may not reach the standard. This also caused a lot of problems in the quality inspection.

In September 2007, Tianmei Furniture Co., Ltd. was “exposed” by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Tangshan City – its products were listed as unqualified products for formaldehyde testing and published in newspapers, which had a certain impact on the sales of Tianmei Furniture in the area. Tianmei Furniture is known for its strict control of environmental protection. It has questioned the test report issued by the testing agency commissioned by the Tangshan Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and sent the same batch of products to the National Testing Center for testing. In order to protect its own rights and interests, Tianmei Furniture sued the Tangshan Industrial and Commercial Bureau at the end of last year, but has not yet closed the case.

Ha Zhaoyi, general manager of Tianmei Furniture Co., Ltd. said that at the time, only a sample was taken for testing, and the test report issued was written with "plate furniture". This is debatable, especially the same model was not detected in Tangshan. Qualified, and getting the test of the National Testing Center and the Shenzhen Testing Center is more thought-provoking.

This can be regarded as another voice in the "quality storm". Some people say that this "industry unspoken rule" is quite a lot, but how many companies remain silent about this? We don't know. As a media, I think it is necessary to give the public more space for the company, especially for some brand companies. It is not easy to have today's achievements, and there is no reason for these companies to pay too high a price. At the same time, we also call on major enterprises, especially brand enterprises, to strengthen horizontal communication and technical exchanges, and work with various functional departments of industry-related industrial chains to research and solve various problems faced by the industry, thereby improving the industry's ecological and living environment and promoting the industry. Sustainable and healthy development.

Third, enterprises must take a comprehensive green road

On March 19 last year, the Ministry of Finance and the State Environmental Protection Administration jointly issued a notice to adjust the “Government Procurement List of Environmental Labeling Products”. After this adjustment, the number of furniture companies that have entered the government's green list has reached 24. Compared with tens of thousands of furniture companies in China, there are not many furniture companies in this list, but this is a strong signal that the country has guided the development of the furniture industry towards green environmental protection. The increase in the government procurement green list indicates that the country will promote the development of the furniture industry in a healthy and orderly manner through the policy function of government procurement.

By adopting the right standards, using qualified raw materials, and using scientific edge-sealing techniques and other specific measures, it is the solution for enterprises to cope with the storm of quality control and enable enterprises to embark on a green road. Since 2001, the state has successively promulgated a number of national compulsory standards for the environmental quality of furniture. This shows that the furniture industry is about to face the reshuffle action due to the name of “environmental protection”. The implementation of furniture products in China and environmental protection will also be the trend of the times. .

If the industry is unclear, the storm will not stop. As long as the furniture industry is unclear, the "quality storm" will continue. All in all, on the one hand, the regulatory authorities should quickly formulate more stringent and highly controllable standards and regulations, and should severely crack down on unqualified enterprises and products, and eliminate unqualified products from the source. On the other hand, it is more necessary for furniture merchants to improve their sense of integrity, quickly establish an effective self-discipline mechanism, and ensure the quality of furniture. At the same time, consumers must learn to protect their rights and prevent product damage. Only three aspects have been done and done, and the standardized development of the furniture industry and the improvement of the quality of furniture can be realized.

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