Main features of portable inspect series thermal imaging cameras: (For details, please contact 010-88136168 88131819)

InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik (InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik). The newly launched portable infrared thermal imager with 320X240 pixels, 384X288 pixels and 640x480 pixels focal plane detector series of expert-grade industrial and scientific research, the infrared heat map generated is clear and excellent, with clear details.

According to the actual application, portable infrared thermal imaging cameras can be divided into: basic Basic (VCb) infrared thermal imaging cameras, inspection expert Inspect (VCi) infrared thermal imaging cameras and scientific research expert Research (VCr) infrared thermal imaging cameras. series.

The main performance parameters of portable inspect series thermal imaging cameras:

1. The detector types are long wave uncooled micro-heat focal plane detectors;

2. Spectral range: 7.5 ~ 14ηm;

3. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1.5 ℃ (0 ~ 100 ℃) or ± 2% (<0 and> 100 ℃);

4. Temperature measurement range -40 ~ 1200 ℃.

Range 1: -40 ~ + 120 ° C; Range 2: 0 ~ + 300 ° C; Range 3: + 100 ~ + 600 ° C; Range 4: + 400 ~ + 1200 ° C.

5. Measurement method: automatic tracking of the highest and lowest temperatures, line temperature distribution chart, histogram, and automatic calculation of the temperature difference between two points of Δt (time, position);

6. 6 high-contrast color isotherms can be set;

7. Focusing method: manual / automatic focusing;

8. Infrared data format: 16-bit digital image containing measurement data;

9. Visible light image and infrared heat map can be automatically fused and displayed;

10. Industrial grade dustproof and waterproof IP54 protection level;

Optional accessories for portable inspect series thermal imaging cameras:

1. The optional temperature measurement range can be extended to: ① + 1500 ° C; ② + 2000 ° C;

2. Wide-angle, telephoto, close-up or micro infrared optical lens;

The main application industries of portable inspect series thermal imaging cameras:

It is widely used in industrial and scientific research fields such as equipment predictive maintenance, fault diagnosis, building inspection, nondestructive testing, and manufacturing process quality inspection. It is a practical tool for professionals to achieve safe, accurate, fast, and nondestructive testing, verification, and evaluation of various problems. Such as predicting the maintenance of high and low voltage electrical equipment, finding mechanical faults and checking high temperature devices in the field of maintenance; detecting mildewed areas in the construction field, looking for areas with poor sealing and leaking locations of pipelines, new energy-saving building materials and building insulation performance evaluation, construction Quality inspection and evaluation of structural defects; evaluation of heat loss of heated equipment in the inspection of petrochemical equipment, evaluation of insulation effect and damage degree of refractory insulation layer, material level and liquid level detection, furnace tube temperature measurement, equipment liner damage Condition diagnosis; other applications include scientific research, product design and production process optimization, product quality testing, infrared non-destructive testing and other fields, ideal for professionals.

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